An early protein rich breakfast in Canggu, Bali

Canggu is known to be a popular surfing spot. With beautiful beaches and amazing waves you will end up spending many days with your feet in the sand. But with some good surfing sessions a good breakfast or lunch definitely a must!

At Eden cafe you can have the perfect early morning breakfast and get energised for another beautiful day! It opens at 7 am in the morning, which is perfect for those who want to fuel up before or after a surfing session! Many meals are protein rich, healthy and filling breakfasts giving you a good amount of energy!

Cappuccino – Eden Cafe

As soon as you walk in you get served a glass of water with freshly squeezed lemon juice. This is a great start to your morning. This drink is proven to have all kind of health benefits such as cleansing your system, boosting your immune system and getting you energised! Definitely off to a good start!

A healthy green juice is of course also a perfect way to start your morning. Many people might choose coffee, however at this cafe I recommend you to get one of their delicious juices or smoothies instead. The ‘Matcha Sunrise’ (25k Idr/ 1.40 Gbp) is one of their green juices with delicious coconut water and orange juice. This drink is super refreshing especially on a summery morning or after a fun night at Old Mans when you need a little detoxifying!

Mint Choco Chip Smoothy – Eden Cafe

A delicious smoothie that I recommend is called the ‘Mint Choco Chip smoothy’! (Regular size costs 40k Idr/ 2.30 Gbp) Its creamy, fresh due to the mint, with a hint of cacao, which doesn’t cover too much of the other flavours. Its definitely a must try and I have never tasted these combinations of flavours before. The 100% cocoa tastes very raw and the avocado creates a smooth texture. It does taste like a very healthy smoothy but the cacao gives that sweet taste! Perfect combination!

Power porridge – Eden Cafe

Their most famous brekkies are named ‘Sunny Side Up’ and ‘Breakfast Scramble’, which definitely stand out on the menu. But for a great protein rich breakfast try the ‘Power porridge’ (45k Idr/ 2.50Gbp). This porridge is filled with apple and chia seeds. It’s sweet and smooth with nuts sprinkled on top giving it a crunchy texture. Together with the fresh fruit its a nice combination.

Another good and protein rich breakfast are the ‘Protein Pancakes’ (50k Idr/ 2.80 Gbp). They are made out of eggs, oats, chia, cinnamon, flax seeds and ricotta cheese. Soft and fluffy of texture but crunchy on the outside. The accompanied banana ice-cream is a nice touch and adds flavour and contrast.

Protein pancakes – Eden Cafe
Eden Cafe

Eden Cafe  has a really nice morning vibe and is definitely very tasty! They serve good quality on a great budget! It has a great atmosphere and its perfect for the early surfers!

Eden Cafe is open everyday from 7am – 6pm

Their address is: Jl. Pantai Batu Bolong No.8, Canggu, Kuta Utara, Kabupaten Badung, Bali