Como’s Jungle

Lake Como (Italy) is beautiful. It has its tiny streets full of cute cafes and restaurants. The bright colours and the warm yellow buildings create a cosy atmosphere that effects your inner happiness. Nevertheless, there is a place not far from the centre where you will feel like you have just entered another world. We decided to go and explore that other world.


You drive up as you squeeze the car through some narrow roads. As you leave the car behind you will have to continue the rest by foot. The moment you set one step on the ground and start following the river you will notice how quiet it is. The crickets and the birds singing are the sounds overpowering the quietness. As you try to keep your balance climbing up the rocks you will hear the sound of water clattering down in the background. As I was looking down trying to place my foot on the right rock without slipping I noticed the dogs footprints that were guiding me the way. The air is warm, the water is cold. As I walked up the river I notice that I wasn’t the only one that was feeling hot. The dog was already laying spread out into the water, with the biggest satisfaction on his face, he wasn’t moving anytime soon.


Just a little further.. and you will make it to the most beautiful waterfall. Welcome to the jungle! The water clear and blue. The only sounds you hear is the water flowing down the rocks. The coldness of the water makes the air fresh, creating the perfect temperature. The vibrant green plants create a beautiful shelter. The only companion you have are the occasional salamanders coming to say hi. I had to hold my breath for a second. It literally is breathtaking. Another world. So close, but yet you feel so far.


Its amazing. The sounds, the feeling it creates inside you. So peaceful. It makes you appreciate how beautiful the world really is. Its just the matter of finding those spots, they are anywhere. You just have to learn how to find them. – I am very lucky to have such a curious and adventures mind, which enables me to find such places. And once you have witnessed such beauty you will never stop looking. Its what makes me happy. The strive for experiencing and witnessing the beautiful things, even the smallest gestures such as playing cards with loved ones in the most beautiful spot somewhere in the jungle.



Spending my morning with whales in Husavik

Of all the mornings I woke up in beautiful places this must of been the most spectacular one. I never thought I would spend my morning on a small boat accompanied by a group of humpback whales! We arrived in a little town in the north of Iceland named Husavik the night before. This town is known for having the perfect sea climate for whales and so is an extremely popular spot for all kinds of whales to unite. We woke up early and got on a small boat to spend our morning with the whales!


Honestly, I believe that this was one of the most amazing things I have ever seen. The moment you leave the harbour it gets quieter and quieter. You can hear the wind moving the sea, the birds flying above you. Everyone is quiet, concentrating on the sea. Then something spectacular happens, the most beautiful animal appears from the depth and gives you a glimpse of its beauty. I must say, water filled my eyes. – Yes, it is that beautiful. I am not exaggerating when I say that this is a MUST when visiting Iceland.


You even get a hot chocolate and a cinnamon bun! I mean, what more do you want! This experience was mind blowing and I highly reccomend you to go on this adventure by getting your ticket from the company named North Sailing! They have an amazing service, cheapest tickets in Husavik, extremely friendly and a variety of types of boats which you can choose from (including a ‘carbon free’ electric boat, which is environmentally friendlier and creates no sound, which means you are approaching the whales with minimum disturbance) And not to forget, hot chocolate and cinnamon buns are included!!


Where to find Icelandic coffee and John Snow’s famous love cave.

Another day means another coffee! The coffee everyone drinks in Iceland is strong filter coffee. Myself, I have never been a fan of filter coffee. I prefer a short, strong and creamy espresso or a nice cappuccino! However! The filter coffee in Iceland is actually really good! It has a soft taste and goes down smoothly! – Even when you are not a hardcore coffee lover I think you will like this! You will find it at every gas station and it is crazy cheap! When you hire your camper van at Kuku Campers (like we did) they will give you a discount card which enables you to get a free coffee at gas stations OBand Olis at every visit! (It also gives you discount on fuel and free wifi!) Honestly, you have to try it!


Our first stop was at a collapsed but a still active volcano area. We parked the car and walked up to see this beautiful caldera. The colours are breathtaking and when you walk over the edge you get a sense of the depth. Sit down, dangle your feet down and enjoy the view.


We then decided to get back on the road and visit a very special cave. We parked the car and followed the signs which would bring us to the cave. After about a 3 km hike you finally find yourself walking over large cracked pieces of stone, watch out, don’t look into the cracks to much, you might back out! The cracks go deep into the dark ground, so watch your step! You then walk down, but might not understand what all the fuss is about. We arrived at what we understood was one of the most beautiful caves in Iceland, but, where is it? Are we lost? In front of us was a small opening into the ground, pitch black. I thought surely this can’t be it, I stared at it for a while. It looked so dark and deep. My curiosity started to take over and I decided to slowly climb into the hole. But then I stopped, I could hear a drop. A drop? I got a small stone in my hand and threw it down what I believed was a deep deep hole, but no! After 1 sec the stone hit water! As I climbed further my eyes got used to the darkness, and there it was. The most beautiful cave I have ever seen!


This cave was also used in the series Game of Thrones. John Snow and Ygritte’s love scene was filmed right here! So when you are in Iceland, make this part of your must see list!! You will never have seen anything like it!!

-1 Day: Next stop ICELAND

Just a few more hours and I’ll be on my way to my second home again! – The airport! But this time my flight will arrive at a destination that I haven’t seen before! So I packed my backpack, bought a map, sat down and researched every single spot of Iceland. After much research and many moments of shouting “WOW we HAVE to see that!!” we made a list that was long enough to tour in Iceland for a month. And somehow, we are going to fit that in a week! – Game on.


Don’t worry guys I will record every step of exploring this beautiful place and you will be bombed by pictures and tips! To keep more updated on my adventures follow me on Instagram!


Also, if any of you have any tips such as MUST SEE or SECRET SPOTS let me know! Comment below or send me a private message!

Next destination: ICELAND.

I like to begin my morning with a green smoothie, and whats a better place to go and get it than Whole Foods! They are freshly made, good quality and good quantity for their price, and always have amazing varieties! I decided to spice things up a bit and try something I have never tasted before! Champagne mango! It was mixed with baby leaf spinach, banana and almond milk and it had a beautiful smooth taste! Especially for the people that have to get used to green smoothies this is an amazing mix! – It didn’t taste green at all! Just smooth and delicious! – Of course you can also use a regular mango, I’m sure it’s just as delicious and much easier to find!

Whole Foods, Fulham Broadway, London

With a green smoothy in one hand and the map of Iceland in the other I sat down and investigated the island. Iceland has always been one of my dream destinations! And finally having bought the tickets we are now preparing our road trip to explore the island! We decided to go old-school and use a map to go on a full explorer mode and discover all its beautiful places! – So guys, if any of you have any tips on what we should see or do PLEASE leave a comment! Would love to get an opinion from a fellow explorer!


Exploring Lugano


Misty mornings. Seemed like the perfect opportunity to go fly the drone and get some amazing shots of the clouds resting in between the mountains. And yet again, we were stunned about Lugano’s beauty. I don’t think I can ever get used to natures beauty, it’s full of surprises.

After our morning coffee, while the dog kept our feet warm, we decided to get the bike and go explore. As my boyfriend is Italian and lives here I have been to Lugano many times. But I will never be able to stop exploring. Every single time we discover something new, a new bar, a new road, a new view.


We stopped at a bar in a small road close to the Lake. Torta della nonna – the most light, creamy, crispy, and powdery sweetness you will ever taste. With the coffee short, strong and sweet it was perfect. I now understand why guys are such momma’s boys in Italy, why would you ever leave home if you can have this everyday?

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