The spot that only serves the best home-made Pasta in London – Padella


Padella is one of my favourite places in London that I religiously visit every time I visit this beautiful city. Its a small restaurant in Borough market that’s always buzzing with people creating the most energetic atmosphere.

Inside this rather small but beautiful restaurant you’ll immediately feel cosy and welcome. The passionate chefs are cooking away behind the bar creating the most delicious plates of home-made pasta. These plates of pasta are served just like la nonna would serve them to you – a good portion, full of deep flavours and extremely comforting. After all a plate of pasta is supposed to comfort you, tell you everything is okay and make you feel so good that by the time you put your fork down you’ll be skipping through the rain with a smile.

When visiting Padella most of the time you’ll find a queue going around the corner. But don’t be afraid to get your spot at the end of the line, as their service is so quick you wont even queue for very long. And nevertheless, once you’re inside digging into your plate of pasta you’ll quickly realise that it’s definitely worth queueing for.


What to have


I definitely recommend to order a few different plates so you can share with your pasta date and this way you can try as many of all the delicious flavours as you can!

As a starter I recommend trying their amazing sourdough bread by dipping it in their Fiorano olive oil. It’s so simple but yet so amazing. I believe in Italian food thats what really makes a dish, simplicity and high quality is what makes flavours stand out.

Other plates to share are the fresh Radicchio, oak leaf and rocket salad as well as the Bruschetta with cannellini beans and salsa rossa. They are both amazing starters preparing you for more deep flavours to come.

Now we get to the main of your feast. I cant help myself but order way too many plates which I somehow manage to lick clean as even the last bite is as magical as the first. My two absolute favourite pasta’s are both the tagliarini with dry chilli, garlic and pangratatto(£5) and of course the classic tagliarini with slow cooked tomato sauce(£6.5) – which is an absolute must try. The flavour of the tomato sauce is so deep and extremely rich. It’s incredible how a tomato sauce can have so much flavour that even though every bite is the same, you will never ever get bored of the flavours.



I am honestly in love with this place and if I could I would come for breakfast, lunch and dinner. What’s also amazing is the fact that every plate is extremely affordable. Just like in Italy a plate of pasta is the most basic but delicious and comforting meal that should be affordable to anyone. And unlike normal restaurants in London at Padella you will get multiple plates creating an absolute pasta feast for under £20. Plus this really is the most authentic and best pasta you will get in London – so its a win win! I mean..its a pasta dream right?


Where to go


You’ll find this piece of pasta heaven located in Borough Market and their address is 6 Southwark St in London. 

They are open from Monday to Saturday at 12–3:45pm and 5–10pm. And on Sunday from 12–3:45pm and 5–9pm. You can’t make any bookings, however I suggest you to try visit just before or after the typical lunch or dinner time as it gets very busy. Nevertheless, if you do have to stand in line it won’t be for too long and it will definitely be worth it! Buon appetito!



Veganlicious breakfasts at Le Pain Quotidien in London


I am truly in love with London and my favourite part of the day is to wake up and have breakfast in one of the many cosy breakfast cafes. There is something about how the morning light shines through the streets and bounces of building windows. The smell of burning wood and the strong cold air fills your nose. I love London in the winter as all everyone wants to do is rush into warm cafes and warm your hands with a hot coffee or hot chocolate. Add a comforting chocolate cake on the side and enjoy the company of fellow Londoners as you talk about how the snow will make the city panic yet again.

One of my favourite spots to enjoy a warm cup of coffee on these cold mornings is at Le Pain QuotidienHere I can always find the coziness that I am looking for as well as a breakfast that puts a smile on my face.



As soon as you walk in you can smell the scent of coffee and freshly made croissants. The sound of the coffee machine creates a comforting noise in the background and you can’t help but stare at all the delicious pastries that are laid out on the counter. Your heart will convince you to order a pastry with your coffee as there is no way you can resist the amazing smell. But trust me, you will not regret a single bite as everything they bake here is comforting, fresh and delicious.

Almost everything they serve here is made with organic ingredients and is locally sourced from farmers. The menu is full of deliciousness including detox breakfasts, fresh juices, power porridge, fresh breads, cakes and much more. You can also buy the freshly made bread, pastries and cakes to take home with you – that is if you make it that far without eating it.



What I love 

I always start my day with a coffee and my daily order at Le Pain Quotidien is a delicious almond milk cappuccino. Then I love to dip a freshly made almond croissant in my hot coffee as to me this is a match made in heaven. A combination you can wake me up for any day!

For brunch I love getting avocado on toast. However at Le Pain Quotidien they serve this classic with a hint of other flavours and textures. Smooth avocado is smashed on home-made rustic bread topped with seeds, beetroot, fennel, carrot, citrus cumin salt, lemon juice and olive oil (8.45 gbp). This plate has so much flavour and the crunchy seeds go perfectly with the smoothness of the avocado.



On a cold day its always nice to enjoy a comforting moment of a coffee accompanied by a delicious piece of cake – the perfect way to warm up! My absolute favourite cake of all time happens to be the winner of 2016 Best Vegan Cake Award by Peta and its made by Le Pain Quotidien.This ‘Cacao and Pear cake’ is smooth from the inside and a little chewy on the outside. The dark cacao has a deep flavour but when you get a taste of the sweet and soft pear inside a whole other flavour explodes in your mouth. Its a dance of deep and comforting flavours together with firm pear and smooth chocolate. It really is award standard and I genuinely cannot get enough of it.



Where to go 

Le Pain Quotidien has many cafes located in different cities in the world such as LA, Paris, New York and London. However, the spot I mentioned in this article and also my favourite in London is located on 18 Great Marlborough St in Soho. They are open on Monday to Friday from 7am – 10pm. On Saturday they are open at 8.30am – 10pm and on Sunday 9am – 7pm.

So you can enjoy a delicious vegan cappuccino with the best vegan cake at anytime of the day! Because we all know the rule: If its vegan we can stuff ourselves with it and not feel guilty! Right guys?


All images shot with my beautiful Leica Q


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Best place for a celebration dinner in London.

One thing you might not know about me is that I have spend my last three years working my booty off at UAL (University of Arts London)! And then the final day comes when you think that all those restless nights and panic attacks were totally worth it! Graduation day has finally (FINALLY) come!! As you have noticed I travel a lot so I decided to continue my road trip from Holland to London!


When I am in London it feels like home. It will always feel like home! Having said that, there are a lot of places I call home. I will always feel at home where ever I am comfortable. But when I spend too much time in one place I get a craving to leave as soon as possible. I think I was born to travel, my curiosity is way too strong not to follow, so I will explore every single part of this beautiful world.

So having had graduation I decided to celebrate the fun but stressful few years by going to SushiSamba! And let me tell you, it is an amazing experience!! As soon as you arrive at the building you are kindly accompanied to the elevator. The doors close behind you as you press the button to the 39th floor. You feel your legs getting weak as you are going up with speed, but this doesn’t bother you.. you are way too distracted by the breathless view as you are getting higher and higher. You see more skyline than ever before.

SushiSamba London
SushiSamba London
SushiSamba London
SushiSamba London

As you are waiting for your table you are invited to the bar which serve the most mazing and fresh cocktails you have ever tasted. From a fresh thai lychee cocktail to a mango cocktail that is so fruity you wont notice the liquor until you stand up.

You then get escorted to your table and sit down staring to the most beautiful lit up skyline you have ever seen. You will realise how big and beautiful London really is, its a whole new perspective you have never experienced before.

SushiSamba London
SushiSamba London
SushiSamba London
SushiSamba London
SushiSamba London
SushiSamba London


You get bombed by kind service, which becomes slightly overwhelming after a while. They mean well, but after the fourth time of being asked if I want another drink or if I am finished with my plate while I am clearly still picking it becomes annoying. Nevertheless, the food is mind blowing and I enjoyed every bite of it. Each dish makes you think of how they must of prepared it and what makes it so unique. With each bite you lift your head and enjoy the exploding flavours while looking at the most stunning view. It is definitely an amazing experience. I recommend visiting for dinner as the view is the most spectacular when the sun sets and London lights up. – For guys that are looking for a perfect place for a date, go here and you will end up going home with her, trust me!!


Where to go for a vegan pizza in London

Sundays in London. What do you feel like doing? You can plan your day full of endless activities, but whether you want to have a busy or a lazy Sunday all depends on how bad your hangover is from the night before. – Saturdays in London can be very fun too!

However, when spending your Sunday in London you don’t even have to plan anything. It is an amazing city to just walk around in all day and you will be surprised with how quick time goes past and how many beautiful scenes you have seen! And if you are walking around and notice that you haven’t almost been run over by a car yet in the last 30 min (living in London makes you risk your life about 5 times a day), then it is because every Sunday of July is traffic free in the main roads. Which makes it much more relaxed an fun to walk around!

Regent Street, London

If you do decide to have a relaxed Sunday of walking around with a coffee in one hand and a coconut water in the other (hydration is key with a hangover), then you should walk through New Bond Street. It is full with amazing art galleries that you can visit and help give a boost to your creativity! I especially recommend Eden Fine Art Gallery! At the moment they have a crazy collection of art which is really worth having a look at! One of my favourite artists is David Kracov! You might have noticed that I am a big art fan and you might have read my article about the “Best contemporary art galleries in St-Tropez”, where I also found David Kracov’s work! – The beauty about it is that I immediately recognise his art, it is a certain kind of style which really appeals to me! It is also just the fact that he is such an original and amazing artist which makes him stand out! Love, LOVE his work! – You should definitely go check it out!!

Eden Fine Art Gallery – Art by David Kracov
Eden Fine Art Gallery – Art by David Kracov
Eden Fine Art Gallery – Art by David Kracov

How to make your Sunday even better, my strategy is simple. Make Sunday PIZZADAY. It isn’t called SundayFunday for nothing people!! So have your walk down Regent street and New Bond street and keep on walking to Carnaby street! Not only is this just a super nice place to do some shopping, it is also the perfect place to have a coffee or some lunch or dinner! It is extremely cosy and in the summer it is lovely to just hang about and have a drink on a sunny afternoon! But if you decide to make your day a PIZZADAY then go to Kingly Court! You will find yourself in the cutest court full of tables and restaurants, including one of the best pizza restaurants in London!

Pizza Pilgrims is owned by two brothers from Italy who found themselves starting a business they firstly knew nothing about! But quickly ended up becoming geniuses, pizza geniuses! They are now located on 6 locations around London and serve the most amazing pizza’s! The crust (which is the best part!!) is light and crunchy. The tomato sauce is full of flavour and the garlic gives a nice punch, which is then stabilised by the fresh basil sprinkled on top! Every bite I took I caught myself closing my eyes, no words came out for the first 10 min, just noises. It really is a delicious pizza, which you should definitely go and try! The whole atmosphere there is just amazing, which creates a lovely experience! – Especially on a summery day!

Pizza Pilgrims – Kingly Court London
Pizza Pilgrims – Kingly Court London
Pizza Pilgrims – Kingly Court London

You might of noticed that in the above image I have a henna tattoo across my hand. If you are a henna lover like me then go and pay a visit to Selfridges where you can find Pavan The Henna Bar on the ground floor! She will let her imagination and artistic skills go crazy and create the most beautiful henna tattoos for you! She is a lovely girl with crazy skills!

BEST COFFEE IN CHELSEA at Muni Coffee cafe

After drinking many (but many, many) coffee’s in different restaurants and cafe’s in Chelsea, I have now discovered the ultimate place to get your golden brew!!

I walked past it many times and always wanted to go in but somehow I always had to run past it having no time to sit down. So I repeatedly told myself “ok, I’ll definitely go next time”. And so 2 days ago that time finally came!! – And now I repeatedly tell myself “why didn’t you go earlier!! WHY!!!”


Muni is a beautiful cafe located on Fulham road. With seats both inside and outside you can distinguish the tanned sun lovers sitting outside in the heat, from the shadow seekers crowded around the ventilators inside. But both with a smile on their face, as they are sipping on their cup of coffee brewed to perfection.

Muni is owned by a couple who found their passion in coffee and decided to share this passion by bringing the best coffee from the farms in the Philippines all the way to London! “Filipino arabica is one of the finest coffees in the world. And yet, no specialty coffee shop in London serves it. We thought it’s about time that changes and started Muni! We want Muni Coffee Shop to be a place to share great tasting coffee, but even more than that, to be a place to share and appreciate life.” – And appreciate we definitely do! The only thing that I would like to say is, thank you! Thank you for sharing your dream with us and creating the opportunity of letting us taste a little bit of heaven!

Coffee from the Philippines



Apart from their amazing coffee, (which should already be a reason to run to Fulham road right now) they also have insanely tasty cakes, brioches, bowls, juices and many more deliciousness! It is the perfect place to go and visit anytime of the day and they offer something that anyone will love! Have a vegan banana bread, a Ube cookie (a delicious fruity cookie, a Filipino delicacy- which you HAVE to try), or try a fancy avocado on toast! They offer a perfect combination between original and delicious recipes, and recipes that come straight from the Philippines! – Which for sure will blow your mind!! (Seriously, go try the Ube cookie!!)


Muni coffee



Together with their delicious food, comforting as well as fresh interior design ( which creates the best working space) , they also have amazingly sweet and helpful staff. – Who btw made me try a cappuccino with oat milk, thank you for making my life even better!!

Ube Crinkles, a Filipino delicacy
Cappuccino with oat milk, espresso and overnight oats bowl
Ice Matcha Latte


So trust me when I say, this is the place with THE best coffee in Chelsea. You will find the best cakes, breakfast and lunch and you will notice the calm vibe as soon as you walk in! Perfect place to simply read a book or get some work done! So go on, find your way to Fulham road, you know you deserve that nice caffe latte! Here is the address, so you can get up and find your way there quicker! 166 Fulham Road, SW10 9PR! If you are quick you will probably see me there, I think I’ll order another!!

My favourite places in Chelsea


I have been living in Chelsea for almost a year now and have explored every little street! It is an amazing place and especially now the summer is finally here it is prettier than ever! Roads are full of gorgeous and colourful houses, flowers are blossoming, cafes are opening their doors, it’s just buzzing with excitement! Early morning walks as well as late night walks through Chelsea are my favourite! – Especially those late night walks ending up in my favourite ice-cream shop near Sloane Square!

Let me guide you through some of my favourite places in Chelsea that you definitely should give a visit next time you are in the neighbourhood!


Juicebaby Chelsea


First stop, Juicebaby! These smoothies are just mind-blowing! They have an amazing menu with each smoothy sounding better than the other! – It is impossible to choose in this place! I will never spend less than 10 min staring at the menu debating whether I should just get them all. At first you might think they are a bit pricey, however, they definitely give you your moneys worth! The smoothies are rather large of size and the ingredients are very high quality. Also they are not the average smoothie you would make at home. Each one of them has some kind of special ingredient in them! You should definitely go and try them, trust me you’ll be back soon enough craving for more! Have them in the morning, as breakfast, as a post or pre-workout or even as a snack! You’ll love it!!


Soya cappuccino, The Ivy Chelsea Garden


Next stop, coffee! Now to many of us coffee is our best friend in the morning, afternoon or even at night after a nice dinner! And one of the best places I recommend you to go and have a coffee is at The Ivy! Not only do they have good coffee, the place is also amazing! On a nice sunny day go and sit in the garden at the back of the restaurant! It is so pretty you wouldn’t want to leave! You will be drinking your coffee being surrounded by flowers and palm trees, while you can hear the sound of water clattering in the background from the small fountains. It’s magical.


Noodle salad, Phat Phuc Noodle Bar


My all time favourite place to go for lunch is a noodle bar named Phat Phuc! (I know right, I couldn’t stop smiling when I first heard the name either!)  This is a place not many people know about as it is slightly hidden on Kings road. But as it is rather small it is quite hard to get a table around lunch time! Nevertheless, the service is incredibly quick and trust me the food is so delicious that you won’t take that much time to finish it either!! – Which means it does not take extremely long when waiting for a table!

The bar is located outside and you will be sitting in what almost feels like a tent, its extremely cosy! The people are really friendly and as I said the service is super quick! But, most importantly, the food is just incredible. Every single dish is fresh and hand made! (which you can definitely taste!) The flavours explode in your mouth and leaves you longing for that next bite! They use a lot of ingredients which makes every dish special and unique! Honestly, everything on the menu is amazing. But there are two dishes that I cannot get enough of! In the winter I love getting the warm and cosy vegetable laksa, but in the summer the fresh noodle salads are just perfect!! Pictures nor words do this place justice, you will have to taste it yourself!!




Last but definitely not least! Go and get yourself a well deserved ice cream! (Yes everyone deserves to enjoy the best ice cream in London!) Amorino is located on Kings road and is honestly my favourite ice cream place in London! They have incredible flavours and a large selection of sorbet ice cream! (Perfect for the vegan’s under us!) Not only does it taste amazing, they also manage to make it the prettiest ice cream in London! When you order your ice cream on a cone they create a masterwork by making your ice cream in the shape of a flower! It’s almost to pretty to eat! But too delicious to resist!


All images shot with my beautiful Leica Q


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