Happiness cafe (the way to happiness)


First things first, I apologize for the lack of daily posts as any bloggers nightmare has come true.. both my beloved camera and laptop have decided to give up on me at exactly the same time! – Leaving me with a broken heart and some slight panic! However, I am doing my best to get everything fixed as soon as possible and I will be ready to get you guys back into my daily life!

Just to get you guys back on track I made my way from the beautiful St Moritz to Milan, and took a flight to Amsterdam the next day! Home sweet home! I am now in Eindhoven which is my home town. I love Eindhoven and there is one place that particularly makes me happy! This cafe really back ups their name, at The Happiness Cafe you will find your way to happiness!



The moment you walk in you can feel their tropical and trendy vibe! As you look through the menu you just get more and more excited! Vibrant flavors, countless healthy grains, tropical combinations, after every line you read it just becomes more difficult to make a choice! As you look over the counter you see the most delicious cakes and cookies that you wont believe are healthy or vegan for that matter! – Believe me, you will just order everything and end up taking half of it home. – I write while sipping on the rest of my juice that I took home after lunch today..!

I am in love with this cafe and everything that it stands for. The atmosphere is amazing, the food is delicious, vibrant and healthy, and if you are sipping on your favorite juice and all of a sudden your bubble gets popped by the thought that you almost forgot your friends birthday you can get the best cards and presents there! – A little tip, try their different home-made peanut butters!! (Peanut and coconut! Hmmmm, my guilty pleasure!!!)


Where to go


The Happiness Cafe is open from Monday – Friday at 8am to 17pm, on Saturday from 8am to 18.30pm and on Sunday from 9am to 18.30 pm. The addres is Nieuwe Emmasingel 9 in Eindhoven.


If you ever find yourself in Eindhoven or even if you are passing by go have some breakfast/lunch at the cafe that is guaranteed to make you happy!


All images shot with my beautiful Leica Q


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What is the key to happiness?

The key to happiness. Wouldn’t everyone like to find it. The thing is, everyone can, you just have to keep looking for it. When you lose your car key, do you just give up searching for it after a while? No, you keep going and move aside every object that stands in your way, until you finally find it. Everyone can find their key, but you will have to find it yourself. Only you know what this key looks like. Your key is original, differently shaped than others. So only you can find it.

I would like to think that I have a few keys. And one of them opens a door to the happiness I find in days like this. As I walk into the fresh garden, it smells of humid soil. The combination of this smell and the hot air already gives me a comforting feeling, putting a smile on my face. The dogs are already patiently waiting at the gate. – They too are excited to go for our morning coffee.

Le Morny’s Cafe Deauville
Le Morny’s Cafe Deauville


Le Morny’s Cafe Deauville

After fighting with the puppy over the last biscuit we decide to go back home and cool down by diving in the swimming pool. The heat makes you drowsy, the light makes everything look so green. The water is cool and the air hot. Even when the sun is starting to disappear in the sea, leaving the air painted in the most beautiful colours. It was the perfect moment to realise, this is the moment to end the day like a real French person would. We sat back down with a beautiful red wine and a selection of local cheese. With the warmth in our face, we enjoyed the smoothness and rich flavours of the French cheese, complimented by a sweet and light red wine. They were perfect together. It was as if the flavours made love the moment they were combined. As I said, I like to believe that I own many keys. And one of those keys, opened that door, a little piece of happiness.

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