Cappuccino in the most picturesque square in Como – Posta Bistrot


When in Italy you’ll start your day with a cappuccino and end the day with an espresso to help digest dinner. Its that exact Italian routine that I find so charming. Taking that moment to either sit down (or most of the time stand at the bar) and order a coffee to then sip on and enjoy – a few moments of happiness that will keep Italians on their feet throughout the day.

However, when you are in Como and you do want to take the time to enjoy a moment of happiness by sipping on a coffee – then you have to go to Posta Bistrot where they serve one of my favourite cappuccino’s in the whole of Como.

Posta Bistrot is located on the most picturesque square right in the centre. They have a lovely interior however my spot is to sit outside on the terrace. Just imagine sitting under the shadow of the tree that grew its way through the wooden floor, feel the warm breeze on your skin, watching people walk by whilst sipping on your delicious and most flavoursome cup of coffee. I mean, a moment of pure happiness right?


What to have


The coffee of course! The espresso you get here is the most perfect espresso you will ever taste. This really is what a true espresso is supposed to taste like. Full of flavour, not watery, not bitter, just pure and short – simply amazing. However, in the morning or even in the afternoon a cappuccino is a must have, and they are absolutely amazing here. I always order a Soya Cappuccino which is truly out of this world. Smooth, full of deep flavours, no sugar needed as its slightly sweet of its own, but the coffee still overpowers the milk which makes the balance of flavours perfect.

For the non-vegans they serve all kinds of delicious daily made cakes, muffins and biscotti which you can dip in your coffee if you like!


Where to go


You can find this cute cafe in Piazza Alessandro Volta in Como and their opening times are 7am-10pm.

I honestly recommend you to stop here for a quick coffee or to enjoy some time on the terrace. Its a lovely spot – which is also great for an afternoon aperitivo!





All images shot with my beautiful Leica Q


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Best coffee with a panoramic view


In one of Como’s cute streets you’ll find one of my favourite coffee bars named LoftNot only do they serve the best coffee here, you can also enjoy it while you are looking at the most amazing view. You are overlooking the houses with the mountains in the background on one side and on the other side you have a view over the church. You can hear the church bells in the background as you sit in the sun enjoying the Italian lifestyle.

Although not many people know about it, it’s a very popular hotspot with the locals. The fact that lots of locals love it is always a good sign! And as it’s a rather secret place you can really enjoy some quiet time with an amazing cappuccino or have an aperitivo with some friends!


What to have


I come here especially for the coffee. In the morning I love to get a delicious soya cappuccino and in the afternoon an espresso. When drinking an espresso you can really taste that the coffee they make here is pure, short, delicious and not at all bitter or watery – exactly how it should be!

On late afternoons they also serve aperitivo which is amazing. Enjoy a delicious glass of wine with some snacks and enjoy the afternoon warmth while overlooking the streets of Como and the beautiful mountains.




Where to go

Loft is open on Monday to Thursday from 9.30am- 10.30 pm, on Friday and Saturday from 9.30am- 2pm and on Sunday 9.30am- 12am. The address is Via Pietro Boldoni 5 in Como.


It truly is a spot that you cannot miss when visiting this beautiful place! Here you will live the true Italian lifestyle everyone dreams about!


All images shot with my beautiful Leica Q


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The Best Neapolitan Pizza in Como


I’m totally in love with Italy so it’s no wonder I found myself an Italian boyfriend! I always had a strong connection with the country of passion, love and food. But of course since I actually fell in love with a guy there my connection just became stronger and I now like to visit as often as I can!

I have been spending lots of time in Como and I thought that it wouldn’t be a bad idea to find out where you can have the best vegan pizza in town! Lots of pizza’s and glasses of wine later and I have finally found the perfect spot!





Often the less prettier and old fashion restaurants is where you can eat the best food. One of those places just like that is Pizzeria Da Benito. This pizzeria is hidden away in a small street 5 minutes walking from the centre. When the sun is shining you can sit outside and enjoy a cold glass of wine while you wait for the ultimate pizza.


What I love


Pizzeria Da Benito makes the best pizza marinara, an ultimate classic.  This pizza has a crispy crust, as you take a bite you can hear the crust break and white flower dust remains on your fingers. The tomato sauce is so rich, you can taste the freshness of each ingredient. And even though there is lots of sauce the bread remains crispy. It has the perfect balance of textures and flavours. You can truly taste the classic Italian flavours that will remind any Italian of their grandmothers food. It’s honest, and purely delicious.

What’s also amazing is the fact that they offer a choice of pizza dough. Instead of normal white dough you can also have a wholegrain, multigrain or kamut base. Making your pizza extra healthy! Healthy, fresh and absolutely delicious! Doesn’t this just sound like a dream?!




Where to go


Pizzeria Da Benito is open everyday from 12–3PM, 6:30PM–12AM and their address is Via Briantea 29 in Como.


All images shot with my beautiful Leica Q


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The best vegan ice-cream on the lake in Como, Italy.


When you’re in Italy you can expect to be finding yourself stuffing your face with ice-cream, lets be honest here. My diet has consisted of espresso’s, pasta and ice-cream in the last few days and apart from going for that extra run I feel great! Being vegan in Italy has always been seen as a very difficult task. But that’s not always true. I have been going to Italy for quite a while and have found some amazing Italian meals that even I can order in a restaurant or cafe. Nevertheless, I have recently discovered an ice salon which is now one of my favourite spots in Como.


What I like

In a small side street you will find a spot named Vanilla BioVanilla Bio is an ice salon which only sells vegan and bio ice-cream. Two bubbly girls make you try all the flavours you want and make you even more indecisive as everything you taste is as good as the other. However, if you want to dulge in delight you have to try two of my favourite  flavours, ‘coconut’ and ‘chocolate’. They are both vegan and absolutely delicious. Imagine a crispy cone with the most creamiest and flavoursome ice-cream, all plant based.

When you visit Como you can’t miss out on this spot, and trust me you wont be returning just once.


Where to go

They are open everyday and the address is Via fontana 15 in Como, Italy.


All images shot with my beautiful Leica Q


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An authentic Italian meal in Canggu, Bali


Its only been a few months since I moved to Bali but in-between the amazing fruit, fresh vegetables and delicious Indonesian food it sometimes feels great to have some comforting home food. Having a boyfriend thats Italian gave me the opportunity to spend a lot of time in Italy. Where we would have fresh home-made gnocchi waiting for us at home as soon as we got of the plane. For me Italian food is a sense of home, comfort, happiness, passion and loving.

So when I found out about Bottega Italiana Bali in Canggu I was over the moon! A place where I can find a little piece of home and enjoy a traditional Italian meal.


Bottega Italiana Bali is a small Italian restaurant in the middle of Canggu which only opened their doors in spring 2016. They serve high quality food of which some they import all the way from Italy. Other ingredients are locally farmed or even home-made! They even smoke and cure their own meat and salmon.

Own cured meat – Bottega Italiana Bali, Canggu Bali

When looking at the menu you notice many delicious and traditional meals. But some dishes stand out and tend to have a little twist! I for example ordered the ‘Semi e legumi salad’ (70k Idr) which was recommended by the owner – who is by the way the most passionate man. He is very charming and originally from Umbria. He decided to move to Bali 10 years ago and is now bringing his Italian food passion to the streets of Bali together with his beautiful partner.

And I have to admit, the salad that he recommended really was something special. Due to the amount of different seeds mixed with the other ingredients every spoonful was extremely crunchy! It also had a slight smokey flavour. It was raw and every spoon full was full of energy, vibrant flavours and vegan goodness. Through the crunchiness you could taste the juiciness of the tomato. The roasted sesame seeds gave it a sophisticated oriental accent, but not taking it too far of the Italian heritage.

But if you want to really get teleported back to Italy then the selection of cheese is perfect. All cheeses served were young and extremely tasty. The selection of different breads complimented the cheese perfectly – especially the foccacia! Personally I am a big fan of focaccia and I loved every bite of the one they serve here! With every bite you had a hint of roasted tomato and olives, which managed to keep the focaccia moist and soft. Wash it down with a sip of the delicious wine and you got yourself a trip back to Italy!

Isola Rose – Bottega Italiana Bali, Canggu Bali

When I think of my time in Italy I cant miss out thinking about a delicious glass of wine with my pasta. I mean isn’t that combination just pure happiness?

Being in Canggu I really struggled finding a good glass of wine. But now I am glad to inform you that I finally found the spot! Bottega Italiana Bali serves wine that is locally made! The owner told me that he has a very special producer who makes wine for him! He is originally from Italy but now lives in the isolated mountains of Bali – producing the most delicious, organic and honest wines. The moment the waiter filled my glass I could already smell the strong fruity flavours.

Pomodorino e stracciatella pasta – Bottega Italiana Bali, Canggu Bali

The menu is full of vegetarian dishes and they also have some amazing vegan options. However, for the vegetarian there is a must try. The ‘Pomodorino e stracciatella pasta’ (85 Idr) is absolutely delicious – a real plate of art. The texture of the pasta really gives away the fact that its freshly made. The home-made stracciatella melts over the warm pasta and left the perfect creamy texture when mixing it all together. The plate was beautiful, simple and old school – exactly what I think a real homely Italian plate should look like! Every bite I took was different, the texture, the softness, its irregular. Which means, freshly made pasta!

Fresh gluten free pasta- Bottega Italiana Bali, Canggu Bali

However, for the meat lovers there is a very special pasta! The ‘Ragu di anatra’ (85k Idr) is slowly cooked and made with minced duck, tomato sauce and parmesan. The meat is almost melted inside as you don’t really taste the texture but the rich flavours immediately stand out. Parmesan is sprinkled on top giving that extra flavour creating a beautiful plate of delicious pasta. This dish is absolutely perfect with a glass of red wine!

Ragu di anatra pasta – Bottega Italiana Bali, Canggu Bali

As you know I am a big coffee lover! So when I think of my days in Italy I think of my early morning cappuccino’s and espresso’s on the go. In Italy I always finish of with an espresso after dinner. And in fact, the coffee that they serve here is slightly less sour than you typically find in Italy. The owner especially wanted the perfect balance between flavours and found that the best combination of coffee beans was 20% Robusta and 80% Arabica. Which is indeed, perfection!

To finish off my cosy and perfect night I tried the home-made tiramisu – a real Italian delicacy. Which if done right, is my absolute favourite! And this tiramisu really topped everything. It was very light and perfect of flavour and texture.

Home-made tiramisu – Bottega Italiana Bali, Canggu Bali

The restaurant is extremely cosy and I love the fact that its not too big, making it very homely. Its warm atmosphere is comforting and the candle light at night creates a romantic atmosphere. I cant wait to go back for another evening and teleport myself back again to Italy where I feel at home.

Bottega Italiana Bali, Canggu Bali
Bottega Italiana Bali, Canggu Bali

Bottega Italiana Bali is currently located in Canggu and Seminyak but will soon open their third restaurant in Petitenget.

The restaurant I visited was located in Canggu, of which the address is: Jl. Pantai Batu Bolong No.77, Canggu, Kuta Utara, Kabupaten Badung, Bali 80361

They are open every day from 8am to 10pm. So you can also enjoy a traditional Italian breakfast! And what’s a better way to start the day with a freshly baked brioche while dipping it in a delicious cappuccino! They also offer very healthy options such as their home-made granola, so this is a place for everyone! Im sure you will fall in love with it just as much as I did.


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Spending Ferragosto in the mountains of Cancano

So there we were driving up the mountain, turn by turn, climbing higher and higher. The higher we got the more snow was seen on the tops of the mountains. Its something special being in the mountains in the summer. Its warm, you are swimming in the lake, yet you see the snow in the distance.



It was a special day in Italy! Ferragosto! A day to spend with friends and celebrate the summer! And whats is a better place to celebrate the summer than in nature, with friends, in the sun, fooling around, eating, drinking, smoking, laughing and talking.  But we decided not to go to any place in nature, a special day calls for a special place, and we found it.

From St-Moritz we made our way to the cutest mountain town named Bormio. After  a little break with a focaccia and the most delicious coffee we got back on track and started our climb up the mountains to Cancano.


Now, these mountains are something special. You look up and you feel so small, so overpowered by nature, its amazing. You look down over the edge and see the most turquoise water you have ever seen. No really, EVER. This landscape is one of the most impressive, and memorable landscapes I have ever seen. The landscape is white from the rocks, vibrant green from the trees and turquoise from the sky to the water.


We drove up, parked the car, and hiked our way up even more until we reached the most beautiful spot. There we sat down at a wooden hut where they made us traditional home made mountain food, cooked by local mountain people themselves. You could taste the rawness and the passion for nature and food in every bite you took. With no phone signal, cow bells ringing in the background, comforting raw food, amazing people and breathtaking views, it was the perfect day.