My Healthy and Simple Morning Routine


My morning routine is pretty simple. But it’s the morning which will effect your whole day.

I usually wake up from the smell of freshly made coffee coming from the kitchen. I have always been surrounded by coffee lovers even since I was small. (I used to drink Bamboo coffee as I didn’t want to miss out on something everyone was so obsessed about).

If I’m lucky il even get a coffee shoved underneath my nose and il wake up from the smell of golden delight. To me that’s the best alarm clock in the world, want to wake me up quickly and smiling than this is THE way to say good morning!

Before drinking my coffee though I try to drink 2 glasses of room temperature water with squeezed lemon. It’s the best way to wake up and cleanse your body first thing in the morning. (It’s also great for when you are on a diet as it helps shrink your tummy).

While sipping on my coffee I love to get some work done while still being comfortable in bed. It’s the perfect time for me to write some articles or reply to emails.

After a bit of work and coffee in bed I get up, and I make my bed. I know, I seem like such a good girl. But it’s actually psychologically very good for you. As this is the first task of your day, and you have finished it. Psychologically you feel like you have accomplished a task and this will help you finish every other task through the day.



I’m that kind of person that doesn’t always feel extremely energetic in the morning, I like to stretch and take it easy as I’m sipping on my coffee. So I like to have a wake-up call. That’s usually in the form of a shower ending with a few minutes of freezing water. This is great to wake up your entire body, helps improve your immunity and circulation and even stimulates weight loss. However, if I have a huge lake in front of my house (like I do in Switzerland) then I prefer going for a cold dip! It’s therapeutic, and it definitely wakes me up!

Then it’s time for my favourite meal of the day, BREAKFAST! You can click here to see all the delicious recipe’s I love to make in the morning! Breakfast is so important and you can get your imagination going! Also, breakfast is the time where you don’t have to feel guilty about adding chocolate to your meal as you’ll be burning it off during the day. Woohoo!! (Secretly that’s why it’s my favourite meal of the day!)





All images shot with my beautiful Leica Q  – who never leaves my side!


Click here for more info about the Leica Q


The best view in Lugano

I sat down, and looked at the beautiful view right in front of me. The house located only meters away from the water. The palm trees swinging making a rustling sound in the wind. But then I realised, why enjoy this beautiful view just from one aspect. Thats when we decided to get the bike and have a drive around and see where our curiosity would take us. With the beautiful hills on our right and the lake on our left we followed the road until we had to stop and take in the beauty of the view that was in front of us.


We sat down and allowed ourselves to get enchanted by natures beauty. Lugano is an amazing place. You can go from spending your day at the water to having hikes in the woods high up the mountain. – You can hike for hours and you will never get bored of the views, trust me. I definitely recommend you to go and visit this beautiful place, it is unique and has its secret spots that you definitely need to see. There are so many activities too. Go visit the centre and do some shopping, spend your day at one of the cutest beaches, hire a boat and explore the water, hike in the extremely beautiful woods or spoil yourself at one of the amazing restaurants. – After a few of their delicious coffees you might fit everything in one day! It is the perfect place. I’m sure you will love it too.


My next post will be about my next destination, which you would know about already if you follow me on Instagram! – However, for you that don’t know… surprise surprise!! Lets just say, I’ll be in breakfast heaven!

From London to Milan

Early mornings need many early coffee’s and yesterday was definitely one of those early mornings! With the suitcases in our hand we stroll around Fulham Road towards a little cafe named Muni. I will be forever in love with their coffee! If you have read my article about this amazing little cafe you will definitely understand why!

Muni Cafe , Fulham Road.

While taking the last sip of my coffee we stood up and got ourselves together to make our way to the airport. My next coffee was going to be in the country where espresso’s are a way of life, a holy grail that everyone gets a taste of every single day. Soon I would be drinking my coffee while overlooking the lake of Como and Lugano!


As the doors of the plane open you could feel the warmth on your skin. The air is tight and hot, how I have missed those summer nights. I’m glad to be spending my next few days breathing in the warm air, diving into the cold lake. Feeling the hot sun burn on your skin while eating the best home-made ice-cream in a small street next to the lake overlooking the boats as they go past.


Como is definitely a place to visit when you are in love with Italy as much as I am. It has the prettiest roads to get lost in. The best ice-cream places scattered all over the place. The most beautiful views as you eat your fresh pasta and finish with a delicious coffee. You can feel the vibe, the atmosphere is relaxed and flowing. The heat keeps everyone mellow. The coffee keeps everyone busy. The food keeps everyone happy. And the views keeps everyone smiling. Especially compared to London, I feel that people here live a much happier life. – But lets be honest, how could you not be happy here! London is beautiful don’t get me wrong, but people end up living a much more stressful life. (Even I got caught up in the lifestyle) When was the last time you didn’t had to risk your life by crossing the street? When was the last time you sat down with a pasta and a glass of wine and really, but really tasted every single bite and took your time to enjoy the flavours? In Italy you almost get pressured by the waiter to talk about how good your food really was, and if you didn’t finish your plate they ask “why?”, “did you not like it?”, “ARE YOU OK?” People really live in the moment. And I believe that this is extremely important in life. That is when you are at our happiest.


So for the next few days I will be exploring the different roads, the lakes, the cafes, everything that makes a true Italian happy. – And what will probably make me so happy that I will end up staying here. ( I could fit right in right? Blue eyes, caramel skin, dark hair, not too tall of length.. let me just put on my lace navy Dolce & Gabbana dress while I sip on my espresso and ill just secretly blend in..) Allora.. ciao tutti, a domani! Tanti Bacci!

Exploring Lugano


Misty mornings. Seemed like the perfect opportunity to go fly the drone and get some amazing shots of the clouds resting in between the mountains. And yet again, we were stunned about Lugano’s beauty. I don’t think I can ever get used to natures beauty, it’s full of surprises.

After our morning coffee, while the dog kept our feet warm, we decided to get the bike and go explore. As my boyfriend is Italian and lives here I have been to Lugano many times. But I will never be able to stop exploring. Every single time we discover something new, a new bar, a new road, a new view.


We stopped at a bar in a small road close to the Lake. Torta della nonna – the most light, creamy, crispy, and powdery sweetness you will ever taste. With the coffee short, strong and sweet it was perfect. I now understand why guys are such momma’s boys in Italy, why would you ever leave home if you can have this everyday?

L1160505.jpgScreen Shot 2017-05-07 at 21.29.45L1160556.jpgL1160462.jpg

MAVIC magic

And there it goes, the sound of the propellors fades away and your anxiety just increases. But when looking down on the screen your heart goes faster, this must be what a bird sees everyday, what a lucky bird.


The Mavic. I believe it is THE perfect drone when you are a traveller, but still want those mind-blowing shots. I mean, you fold it and it literally fits in your hand bag. You unfold it and it looks like a piece of the future. I have to admit, I do get a slight panic attack when it goes up to 13 KM’s away and it is nowhere to be seen – especially when it gives the signal that the battery is about to die and I am flying it above a lake thats almost 300m’s deep. Nevertheless, when in panic press the ‘Home’ button and it comes right back, avoiding any contact with buildings or trees it always lands perfectly!

With having 27 min of flight time it is one of the drones with the most battery life. I do recommend getting a few extra batteries incase you finally were about to get that perfect shot and your battery dies, so annoying. Save yourself a disappointment – I know there is nothing worse than missing that perfect shot, its those shots you believe would of been your most amazing shots, ever.

So with :

  • 40 mph (65 kph) max speed
  • 27 minutes flight time
  • 13 Km flight distance
  • Raw quality images
  • Size when folder is H83mm x W83mm x L198mm, so fits in your handbag

I believe it is the best drone to take on any adventure!



You’ll never guess where I woke up this morning! – Maybe the title gives it away slightly, but it actually isn’t what you are thinking off! It’s a little further. Over the boarder actually. I woke up with a freshly made cup of coffee, looked outside, and saw the most stunning view. I woke up staring at the powerful green mountains, the deep blue reflections in the water, a sense of quietness hit me. I woke up staring at the beauty of lake Lugano.


windows airplane photoshop-1.jpg
London to Milan

As you have probably noticed, I have a (kind of worrying) passion for coffee. So Italy is coffee heaven for me! Todays coffee number 4 was drank in Lake Como. This beautiful place is what you would image a real Italian city to look like. Honestly, you have it all. The architecture, the community, the people, the food, the markets, the COFFEE! You can sense its warmth, you feel welcome.

Lake Como, Italy