Where to take a bath in a secret hot spring

I slowly open my eyes, the sun is peaking through the curtains. It was hard to wake up, feeling uncoordinated. You see, the nights don’t get fully dark in May. So it could be 9 o clock in the morning, but also 3, which really messes with your head in the beginning! What is going to wake me up? A coffee? Sure. But what I really need is a shower or a bath, and whats a better way to take a bath than taking one in nature!

Landbrotalaug is a tiny hidden hot spring in Snæfellsnes peninsula. You must hike to find it and really keep an eye out as you might overlook it! The temperature of the pool is around 40°C, which makes it perfect for bathing. It can also perfectly fit 2 people, which makes it extremely romantic! I mean what a better place to take your date as to a natural private bath for two with the most insane view! – 100% the girl will fall for you!! (Just make sure to find the spot before and not get lost, that would probably decrease that 100% success rate..)

As it is a hard place to find here are the GPS coordinates: N64°49.933 W22°19.110. – Now go find yourself a girl and go!


Landbrotalaug hot spring


After our morning bath we decided to drive further to the west of the island. We stopped at a waterfall named Kirkjufellsfoss. This is a very popular destination but also extremely beautiful. A tip that I do need to give you is to visit this place either very early in the morning or later at night. It gets rather crowded due to its beauty. So you need to take the time to see this, and it would be a shame having to many tourists around you. – Especially for the picture!

For the extreme sport lovers you can also hike up the Kirkjufell mountain. However, I do advise the more advanced hikers to take on this challenge as it can be very dangerous.


We then got back on the road and out of nowhere we decided to stop at a parking next to the road. Extremely long stairs were climbing up a mountain, which we decided to follow. And we definitely do not regret that we did! When arriving at the top we discovered that we had been climbing a volcano, which overlooked another erupted volcano. The sun was going down, nowhere a car or people to be seen or heard. I don’t think you can experience these kind of moments anywhere in the world. Iceland you have a special place in my heart!