Best movie experience in Eindhoven

I love rainy Sundays! Whats better than ending your week with a lazy day cuddled up in your jumper and going to the movies!

I have had many Sundays just like that! And especially in my hometown Eindhoven! So I have decided to share my number one cinema with you guys so you know where to go when you have your own lazy Sunday!

Zien Cinema, Eindhoven Holland 

Zien Cinema is the perfect spot to take your date, your family, friends or even just yourself! It has extremely comfy seats in which you sink in to. A menu is placed on the small counter in front of your seat. Have you decided whether you want a hot chocolate, more popcorn or even a cocktail? Than press the button in front of you and your order is on its way! Just relax and enjoy the rest of the movie!

Zien Cinema, Eindhoven Holland 

So there you sit with a cocktail in one hand, popcorn in the other, sunk into your chair and deep into the movie! The service is amazing and quick, the popcorn is delicious and the overall experience is so relaxing, its the perfect Sunday!