Favourite place to work in Lugano

I love working in different environments and places. I feel like it keeps my creativity and good energy flowing. So when I find myself in different locations I love searching for the perfect spots to work from! However, this is a spot where I keep coming back to when I am in Lugano. I fell in love with its atmosphere the moment I first set step on the dock.

Lido Riva Caccia , Lugano

As you sit down your cappuccino will be waiting for you. You open your laptop and take a sip of your delicious coffee while replying to your emails. You can feel your seat moving slightly up and down as waves crash against the dock. When you decide that you are getting too hot and need some refreshment just get undressed and take a dive into the cold lake. As you climb back on the dock you look back and look over the beautiful lake with the mountains in the background. It’s mind blowing, honestly the best place to spend your day working or just to enjoy a relaxed day in the sun!

Lido Riva Caccia , Lugano
Lido Riva Caccia , Lugano
Lido Riva Caccia , Lugano
Enter a captionLido Riva Caccia , Lugano

The most fun beach in Lugano

So there we go, in our Fiat 500 cruising down the mountains following the lake. The hot air flows through the car, blowing our hair into the air. Its a beautiful morning for exploring and spending the day in the sun. If you ever drive through Switzerland or Italy you will notice that you are determent to stop every 5 minutes to take a picture of the breathtaking view, that seems to become more and more beautiful as you continue driving.


You will also notice that after taking a picture of the amazing view you will want to dive right into the lake. Now there are many, but many beautiful spots to go to and enjoy a cooling dive while looking out onto the mountains. However, there is a spot where you can lay down your towel onto the sand underneath your parasol and dive into the lake. But you can also dive from a 10m diving board into a beautiful swimming pool. Or if you just want to leave the kids to get rid of their energy and you just want some peace and quiet then go to the cafe and enjoy a coffee while dangling your feet in the water. Its the perfect place to come if you want to get in some exercise (swimming in an olympic size pool) or just want to enjoy a day in the sun with your family. The beach is called Lido Di Lugano and it is definitely worth a visit when in Lugano.

Lido Di Lugano
Lido Di Lugano


In this exact moment I am dangling my feet in the water next to a beautiful white swan. We both seem to be enjoying the most stunning view. I am in love with this place and tomorrow I will tell you all about it! – Trust me, you will fall in love with it to.

The most beautiful secret bathing spot in Switzerland

As I throw my bikini wrapped in a towel in the back of the seat I notice that the car is glowing from the heat. Its another hot day in this beautiful place. And what is a better way to start a hot day with a cold swim! I know the PERFECT place to go! – But shhh I don’t tell everyone! It’s the most amazing place to go for many reasons, and one of them is that not many people know about this beautiful spot! So it is never crowded! You only have locals and the occasional dare devils that do a flip of the waterfall into a narrow creek at the bottom. – Honestly, it gives you the biggest adrenaline rush jumping off into the beautiful blue water, giving you a shock from the cold as you touch the water.

Parko delle gole della Breggia

If you don’t feel like risking your life you can go swimming with the tiny fish that you will notice gathering around you as you walk into the water. You notice you are surrounded by the most vibrant trees and flowers. The only sound you hear are the countless crickets singing to the sun, and the water clattering down. It is the perfect place to meditate. Its the perfect place to get your mind straight and to be happy. Its another world. You feel part of nature. Of a piece of nature that feels like the middle of the jungle.

Parko delle gole della Breggia
Parko delle gole della Breggia

The cold will definitely cool you down and as you climb back onto the rocks you can feel the sun kissing your skin. Your skin may be cold but the heat keeps you warm, creating the perfect balance. I definitely recommend visiting this beautiful place when you find yourself in Switzerland on a hot day. Its called Parko delle gole della Breggia. It might be a bit hard to find and you will have to hike up the river to get to this beautiful spot. But trust me, its definitely worth it!! Nothing will cool you down and make you feel as happy and peaceful as this place. But shhhh, remember, its our little secret!!

Parko delle gole della Breggia