The most fun beach in Lugano

So there we go, in our Fiat 500 cruising down the mountains following the lake. The hot air flows through the car, blowing our hair into the air. Its a beautiful morning for exploring and spending the day in the sun. If you ever drive through Switzerland or Italy you will notice that you are determent to stop every 5 minutes to take a picture of the breathtaking view, that seems to become more and more beautiful as you continue driving.


You will also notice that after taking a picture of the amazing view you will want to dive right into the lake. Now there are many, but many beautiful spots to go to and enjoy a cooling dive while looking out onto the mountains. However, there is a spot where you can lay down your towel onto the sand underneath your parasol and dive into the lake. But you can also dive from a 10m diving board into a beautiful swimming pool. Or if you just want to leave the kids to get rid of their energy and you just want some peace and quiet then go to the cafe and enjoy a coffee while dangling your feet in the water. Its the perfect place to come if you want to get in some exercise (swimming in an olympic size pool) or just want to enjoy a day in the sun with your family. The beach is called Lido Di Lugano and it is definitely worth a visit when in Lugano.

Lido Di Lugano
Lido Di Lugano


In this exact moment I am dangling my feet in the water next to a beautiful white swan. We both seem to be enjoying the most stunning view. I am in love with this place and tomorrow I will tell you all about it! – Trust me, you will fall in love with it to.


The streets of Como

The light shines through the window, I can feel the heat on my face. You can already feel that its going to be a hot day. Its the perfect morning to walk out and dive into the lake. I pull my hair back as I put on the hot helmet. The warm wind flows past my legs as we drive past the lake following the bendy roads. We drive through a village named Morcote where we stop for a coffee. We spend the morning working while drinking delicious coffees with the most beautiful view. The cafe’s terrace is placed on a platform that is built over the water, which creates a stunning image.

I like working in different places and environments. This is when I tend to work at my best. I find that it boosts my creativity and energy. This is why I like to look for nice cafes to work in! And this place is a very good option! With fast internet, comfortable chairs, amazing view and great coffee! (Very important to keep the work going!) If you are looking for a cafe to work I will advice you to go here! – They also have delicious food if you feel like you are on a role with your work and staying for longer than expected!

La Terrazza Sul Lago, Morcote Switzerland
La Terrazza Sul Lago, Morcote Switzerland
La Terrazza Sul Lago, Morcote Switzerland

As I mentioned, I love searching for nice cafes to work in. So after our productive morning in Morcote we decided to change the environment by driving to Como where we continued working in another cafe. Como is a beautiful place with its cute streets, vibrant colours and amazing atmosphere. As you walk past the cafes you smell the fresh coffee and pastries. The smell is making you hungry. Luckily its lunch time and I am in food heaven!

Como, Italy
Como, Italy

Como is beautiful and if you haven’t already visited I strongly recommend you have a stroll around its beautiful streets! You will fall in love with the atmosphere, the food, the people, the views. Just like I did. It immediately feels like home.


From London to Lugano

After a hectic weekend going from France to Holland, then Holland to London, I have now finally arrived in Lugano. I took a late night flight and woke up in the country of coffee, spaghetti and love! Now, I consider myself being very lucky as my boyfriend is Italian. Yep, he is the typical Italian, he is passionate about food and cooks the best meals, he talks with his hands, and not to forget, he’s dark and handsome. He now lives in Lugano which is beautiful and is surrounded by stunning landscapes and cute villages. Together we go and explore and discover the most amazing places.


Today we woke up and had our morning coffee while sitting in the morning sun. Its hot, the perfect morning to dive into the lake to wake us up. We got on the bike and followed the lake, until we discovered the cutest place to lay down our towels. It is very hidden, so you have to look carefully. Its located on the lake Lugano in a town named Morcote. It is very small too but not many people know about it so you are never cramped. Its green, very green. You dive into the water while looking at the most stunning view. You lay on your towel and hear the sound of the waves crashing against the rock. You look over the water and watch the boats drive past. Its so relaxing, the perfect place to meditate.


Even though the location is surrounded by villages it is still very private. It is next to the road and in order to get to the platform you have to go down a few steps. It’s then completely surrounded by rocks and green. Its a lovely place to spend your day in the hot sun, while looking at the most stunning view.


We will never stop exploring so you can expect many more tips and secret locations to come! Keep updated everyone! X