Perfect place for a romantic get away in the middle of Seminyak, Bali

I recently woke up in a little jungle in the middle of Seminyak, Bali! This town is known for its buzzing atmosphere but in-between all the busy roads I found a little peaceful spot!

As soon as I walked through the heavy wooden gates I felt as if I was in a secret garden. Follow the path through the green trees and beautiful flowers and you will find a little piece of paradise. Its almost like its own little bubble as you are completely isolated from everything around you.

Citrus Tree Villas-Layla – Seminyak, Bali


Its very quiet and all you hear are the birds singing and water flowing. As you walk around you feel lost in a tropical garden. Hop from stone to stone and follow the little river flowing from side to side.

Citrus Tree Villas-Layla – Seminyak, Bali

There is a big pool beautifully placed in-between the garden and the villas. The pool is filled with pretty colourful flowers that drop from the trees that surround it. You will find a relaxing jacuzzi in the stone ground, with its water running to the main pool. It almost feels like its very own little river, where the water just keeps on running in circles. Together with the sound of water clattering it creates a very peaceful image.

The villas have beautifully designed interiors. Everything looks fresh and is looked after up to the small details.

A spot that I absolutely loved is the outdoor bathroom. It has a beautiful bath in which you can stretch out and fully relax. Enjoy your evening bath while geckos keep you company. They will sing you a little song in harmony.


The room I slept in was very comfortable and spacious. When laying in my bed I could look outside my windows, which were the size of the wall. You know when you go to the zoo and you knock on the window and a sneak may come and say hello. Thats exactly what it felt like, I was sleeping in a zoo and a snake may knock on my window instead.

Citrus Tree Villas-Layla – Seminyak, Bali

The staff that was present were extremely helpful and sweet, but after spending a relaxing day in this beautiful place we were left alone and had the place by ourselves. I think that this is amazing as you have all the services that you need, but you also have a lot of privacy. Which I think would be perfect if you are here for a celebration such as your honeymoon!

I woke up from the raindrops ticking on my window. A tropical rain had hit our little jungle and it didn’t sound like it was going to stop anytime soon. There is something magical about the laying in your cosy bed while its pouring down with rain just outside your window. I could hear the drops landing on the big palms and ticking on the bamboo roof, which then made its way down and created a little river down the path outside.


Citrus Tree Villas-Layla – Seminyak, Bali

After waking up from the most relaxing sleep I had a stretch and made my way to the pool for a morning swim. Not long after we were told that our breakfast was ready! As you know I am a big breakfast lover and so I got excited the moment I saw the table beautifully laid out! And whats a better way to start your morning with fresh local Balinese coffee! This is something I definitely learned to drink while being in Bali, and its starting to grow on me! Its strong but its flavour is delicious!

For the ultimate relaxation get a massage in a little tent thats placed in-between the jungle leaves. You will have the sound of water running down the river in the background, no need for relaxing music – the sound of nature creates the most beautiful music.

While walking around the garden I noticed butterflies everywhere, leading me the way through the palms. Hidden in-between the flowers you would find buddhas that automatically gives you a peaceful image. This place really calms you down, getting your mind back to earth and appreciating the little things that are given to you by nature.

If you want to stay in this little jungle paradise hidden in-between the buzzing roads of Seminyak then go to I absolutely loved it and highly recommend anyone to stay if you are looking for a relaxing get away or if you have a special celebration. As it has many rooms its perfect for a big family or to stay with a group of friends!

Citrus Tree Villas-Layla – Seminyak, Bali


All Images shot with my beautiful Leica Q  – who never leaves my side!


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