Motion Cafe: Healthy, lean and clean – my favourite spot in Canggu


Motion cafe has always been one of my favourite spots in Canggu. It’s a cafe in which you can relax and enjoy a coffee and a delicious breakfast early in the morning after a surf session, but you can also stroll up in your summer dress for a late night dinner.

Everything served here is 100% homemade and fresh. You can enjoy food that has been made without any refined sugars and if requested even gluten free. If that doesn’t sound healthy enough then let me just add the fact that their menu is only based on vegan, paleo, organic and whole foods – I mean, sounds pretty much like any healthy food lovers dream right? (Do you now get why it’s one of my favourite places?)


What I order

Everything on their menu is healthy and clean. For the people with a sweet tooth (like me) there are some yummy vegan cakes which aren’t only delicious but also healthy! Win win! I often just come to pick up an energy ball and I’m on my way again!


My favourite breakfast here is the ‘Home-made Granola‘ (57k Idr/ 3 Gbp). It consists of coconut yoghurt layered with apple sauce, granola and roasted almonds. They also make a pretty kick-ass ‘Acai green bowl‘ (85 Idr/ 4.40 Gbp) which is the perfect combination of green and fruity flavours.


For lunch I love a fresh salad in the Bali heat! The salads they make here are filling and full of flavours and textures. My two favourite salads are the ‘Vegan salad‘ (64k Idr/ 3.30 Gbp) and ‘Caramelised pumpkin‘ salad (70k Idr/ 3.60 Gbp). Both are the definition of tropical salads and the perfect meal!




My favourite evening meals are the ‘Black bean burger‘ (80k Idr/ 3 Gbp) and the ‘Chickpeas curry‘ (75k Idr/ 3.90 Gbp). They are both absolutely delicious and taste healthy and fresh.

A little tip, get the burger with their homemade fries! They are a healthy version of what usual fries look like, you’ll finish both the burger and the fries and you’ll still feel healthy! (Unlike most burgers) It’s an absolutely delicious meal and you can get your hands dirty! (Which is always the funnest part of eating a burger!)


As I mentioned before, they make homemade vegan and healthy cakes daily and I’m in love with their ‘Powerballs‘- the green one is super yummy!

When I come back from the gym I love to stop by and get a vegan protein shake. I have tried many vegan protein shakes and they never taste extremely yummy..( a bit like fish food really). But at Motion cafe they actually manage to make a delicious one! Motion cafe, you rule for making me love vegan protein again!


Where to go

Motion cafe is open every day from 7am – 10pm and it’s located on Jalan Pantai Batu Bolong No.69B in Canggu. 


All images shot with my beautiful Leica Q


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My one day Juice detox in Bali

Bali is the perfect place to get a break from your busy schedule. Its nature, the warm atmosphere and its fresh green colours set a magical mood. Lots of Indonesian flavours are to be discovered in the amazing dishes you can get on every corner for a dime. And trust me, just by walking in a cafe you will want to try every single dish just due to its smell.

By being here I learned how to appreciate food. We might have the luxury of enjoying a plate full of nutritional goodness but in the field in front you will look over people working in the hot sun cutting the rice plants that you are consuming at that exact moment. By experiencing this you learn that we don’t need 3 meals a day and snacks in-between. In fact, its much better for your body to have a ‘break’ once in a while.

Think about it, you spend your day either being hungry or digesting. Your body is continuously working, consuming and breaking down food. By giving your body no solid food your digestive system will be able to take a break, instead your body will start to concentrate on different things. Your body will start to clear out more and more toxins in your body as its not busy attacking any toxins through newly consumed food, which normally requires all of its energy. This might give you more energy, you might sleep better, feel sharper and it might clear your skin as excess inflammation in your skin is calmed by your body removing toxins.


Yep, I did my research. So I thought, why not give it a try!
Especially after the Christmas holidays I put my body through some serious food comas! And with the new year coming up you might want to get started on the right track! Lets give your body that little extra kick it deserves and start the year right!




I got my one-day juice detox from Motion Cafe.

They gave me a package with the following:

  • 1 bottle of coconut water
  • 1 bottle of Slim Tonic
  • 1 bottle of Turmeric boost
  • 1 bottle of green vegetable juice
  • 1 bottle of fruit juice
  • 2 teabags of herbal tea
  • 1 bag of Epsom salt

I consumed all of the bottles and plenty of water in-between. I have to say, every single drink was absolutely delicious and made the whole process a lot easier!

I started the day feeling hungry however after a glass of green juice I felt great! Throughout the day I felt energetic, happy and clean. Mentally I felt like I was giving my body a break, one that it deserved! But I was still giving it all the nutrients and vitamins it needs.




At the end of the day I started to feel very hungry, sadly that was the moment where I finished my last juice. I ended the day with plenty of water and a glass of warm water with a heaped table spoon of Epsom salt. Its doesn’t taste great but its worth the benefits!

For the people who are not sure about what Epsom salt is, its not actually a salt but magnesium sulphate. By drinking one heaped tablespoon in a warm glass of water you give your body a whole lot of goodness. Benefits include, releaving pain and muscle cramps, helps prevent harding of arteries and blood clots, releases stress and it eliminates toxins from your body. This is why its great to bathe in an Epsom salt bath once in a while. Simply add 2 cups of Epsom Salt to a warm bath and soak for at least 12 minutes.

The next morning I woke up feeling great. Energised, not hungry, my skin was clearer, I felt and looked good! My stomach felt flexible and looked defined. I didn’t have a tight feeling in my stomach that you would usually get when you don’t eat, but instead I felt great. I had an amazing sleep and felt ready for the day! Throughout the day I consumed both juices and some small portions of solid food, you don’t want to be eating anything greasy, spicy, high in caffeine or just overall too much food as this can really upset your stomach.

Even though it was hard at times I loved doing a one-day juice detox and I felt that my body both really needed it and benefited from it. If you are going to do a one-day detox I suggest you to join an official program and not just go juicing or grab any juice around town. I absolutely loved the program from Motion Cafe and highly suggest you to join it if you want to try it out or want to give your body a little extra care, especially after the Christmas holidays!



All Images shot with my beautiful Leica Q  – who never leaves my side!


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