Where to go for dinner and cocktails on a Friday night in Ubud, Bali

Ubud is a lovely place and the centre comes alive at night. But due to the many different restaurants and cafes it gets quite hard to choose a perfect spot! So I decided to share a little tip and tell you what one of my favourite places is to go to on a Friday night!


Espresso Martini MyWarung Ubud, Bali

Welcome to MyWarung! As soon as you walk in you will notice the great atmosphere! On any night of the week its seems to be buzzing and full with people enjoying good food and great cocktails. Nice and relaxing music in the background sets the right mood and laughter fills the room. Its a lovely place perfect for an evening with friends, a family dinner or even a date night! Its warm atmosphere and the kind people make you feel extremely comfortable.

Behind the bar they make delicious cocktails and some even with a little twist! The bar is open and placed in the middle of the restaurant so you can watch them make your very own cocktail, which creates quite a show!

MyWarung Spritz MyWarung Ubud, Bali

The ‘MyWarung Spritz’ (100k Idr) and ‘MyWarung Rujak Martini’ (100k Idr) are the specials that I got highly recommended. So I couldn’t resist and had to try them!

The ‘MyWarung Spritz’ was citrusy, summery, you could taste the red fruit, fresh but with a surprising slight sparkle which hits you first before any of the flavours kick in. The taste of alcohol is not very strong which makes it very pleasant to drink, even while you are eating. The flavours melt together nicely. Perfect hot summer day drink!

The ‘MyWarung Rujak Martini’ was extremely surprising and I have never tasted something like this before! It was fruity, orange, tangy. The moment you take your first sip its light, but hold up a second because another flavour is about to kick in! A burst of spiciness is about to take over! This drink is made with pineapple, cucumber, apple, triple 6, vodka, and then as the special ingredient.. Balinese chilli! Its extremely special and I am not surprised that this is their signature drink!

Roasted Pumpkin salad MyWarung Ubud, Bali

For dinner I decided to try the ‘Roasted Pumpkin’ salad (65k Idr) which is vegetarian but can also be made vegan! It was very light and fresh pear really gave the salad character. Pumpkin seeds were sprinkled on top which created an amazing texture!


For the non-vegetarians there is a special dish that you have to try! But this dish is not for the weak! ‘Nasi Babi Sambal Matah’ (85k Idr) is a traditional spicy Balinese dish! You will be thanking them for placing a large amount of white rice in the middle of the plate, because you are going to need it when your mouth is on fire! This plate is full of tangy, fresh, spicy and crunchy flavours and textures!

Nasi Babi Sambal Matah – MyWarung Ubud, Bali

A little tip – try the ‘Espresso Martini’ (100k Idr)! As you know I am a big coffee lover so this is definitely my favourite cocktail! Its extremely creamy, tasty, sweet and it does not have an overpowering alcohol flavour. (Which can be dangerous, this cocktail is so good that before you know it you will be falling of your chair!)

The staff is extremely friendly and always have a smile on their face! Great quality for the price you pay! Great place to impress someone by taking them out for a cocktail on a Friday or Saturday evening!

There are 4 different MyWarung restaurants in Bali and this one in Ubud is actually their newest one! But already it has a great atmosphere and it is considered to be a very trendy place!  If you want to know more about the 3 other locations click here!

MyWarung in Ubud is open from 11 am to 11pm 

Their address is: No. 7 Galeria Menara Ubud, Jalan Raya Ubud, Gianyar, Bali 80571 Indonesia

All Images shot with my beautiful Leica Q  – who never leaves my side!


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Breakfast with a view – MyWarung Echo Beach, Canggu Bali

When we think of Bali we think of beautiful beaches, palm trees with tons of coconuts and green rice fields. And if you have ever been to Bali, you know that that is exactly what you will find. Beautiful nature, amazing vibes, and delicious food.

I am currently in Canggu which is considered to be one of the trendiest places in Bali. I am still surrounded by beautiful nature and the greenest rice fields, but in the middle of all this beauty you will find some amazing restaurants and cafes. One cafe that immediately stands out is named Mywarung.

MyWarung currently has 4 outlets in Ubud, Canggu, Batu Belig and Echo Beach. All 4 restaurants have a different interior design, but all share an amazing vibe. In fact, different outlets seem to be popular at different times of the day! The Echo Beach outlet is very popular for breakfast due to its amazing view over the rice fields and its great breakfast menu. The Canggu outlet seems to get buzzier for lunch and in the afternoon and at night there is even a Dj that gets the party started! The outlet in Batu Belig also becomes busy at night and this outlet is actually the one that stays open the latest! As you can see the MyWarung outlets are not just a place to get a delicious breakfast or coffee, its a cafe, restaurant and bar all in one!

MyWarung Echo Beach 

As I mentioned before MyWarung Echo Beach is known to be an amazing breakfast place – and I have to say, I totally agree. As soon as you arrive you notice the beautiful view over the rice field. The green landscape makes everything look and feel fresh. The cafe blends in beautifully with the scenery. However, when you walk inside the cafe a whole new atmosphere is created.

The walls and the furniture have a sense of rawness and even though the patterns may come over strong, the flow of monotone colours creates a calming effect. The green that surrounds the cafe on the outside is brought inside and a sense of nature and freshness contrasts the interior.

MyWarung Echo Beach 
MyWarung Echo Beach 

This cafe definitely offers a delicious breakfast menu with all kind of juices, smoothie bowls and amazing dishes such as eggs Benedict and fluffy pancakes! – and thats only a few of their tasty menu!

However, one of their most popular breakfasts are named ‘Plan A’ and ‘Plan B’. Breakfast menu named ‘Plan A’ will let you choose a main such as ‘Smashed Avocado’ or ‘Eggs Benedict’ (or any other dish of their delicious ‘all day breakfast menu’), which will then be accompanied with a fresh fruit juice of your choice, a fruit salad AND a choice between their signature coffee or tea! You get all this which makes up for a delicious and satisfying breakfast for only 80k Idr, which is around 4.50 Gbp.

‘Plan A’ breakfast menu – MyWarung Echo Beach 
Smashed Avocado  – MyWarung Echo Beach 

The second menu option, ‘Plan B’ consists of a choice of any of their delicious and fresh smoothie bowls, accompanied with coffee or tea! This will only cost you 60k Idr, about 3.40 Gbp.

As it was a hot Bali morning I decided to go for ‘Plan B’ and feast on one of their delicious smoothie bowls! If you love vibrant and tropical fruit then I suggest you to go for the ‘Sexy Yellow’ smoothie bowl! It consists of blended mango and lime juice with papaya, pineapple, banana, watermelon, strawberries and mango, and topped of with crunchy granola. A whole bowl full of vibrant colours and healthy goodness!

‘Sexy Yellow’ smoothie bowl – MyWarung Echo Beach 
Latte with coconut milk – MyWarung Echo Beach 

Starting your day with a healthy breakfast is very important, so why not start your day in the lovely MyWarung Echo Beach cafe! Step inside the beautiful scenery and enjoy your morning coffee overlooking the rice fields!

They are open everyday from 8.00 am until 22.00 pm.

The address is: No. 78 Jalan Batu Mejan, Canggu, Echo Beach, Kuta Utara, Bali

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MyWarung Canggu, a little piece of Bali paradise

We all know that Bali is full of little pieces of paradise. Stunning beaches filled with palm trees, rice fields as far as the eye goes..in every corner you will discover something beautiful. However in-between those beautiful palms I found another little piece of paradise.

This time in the form of a beautiful restaurant named MyWarung. They have 4 restaurants located in Ubud, Canggu, Echo Beach and Batu Belig but will soon expand to four more places including Pasar-Seminyak, Harmoni Jakarta, Menteng Jakarta and Yogyakarta. As they are quickly growing and spreading little pieces of paradise everywhere I decided to share my experience with all of you. And why I believe this is definitely the place to go.

Ground floor of MyWarung restaurant, Canggu

All four restaurants located in the South West of Bali are designed to give a different atmosphere and its interior is designed very differently. – Nevertheless, the vibe remains the same. All restaurants have this welcoming feeling, a relaxing mood but if you are up for a drink don’t hesitate to have a crazy time! This is also why all four restaurants tend to be busy at different times. The restaurant at Echo Beach is very popular for breakfast due to its beautiful location. However, I decided to visit MyWarung, Canggu for some lunch!


Out of all four MyWarung restaurants it was the one in Canggu that first opened their doors. This restaurant consists of a beautiful rustic building with a courtyard, a ground floor and a special second open floor for the smokers. Both floors are stunningly designed and you can feel the rawness in the interior.

Second floor of MyWarung restaurant, Canggu

You walk in and can already smell the essence of burned coffee beans. A smell that will make anyone feel at home. You take your place in one of the comfortable chairs, or better yet, the couch in which you sink into. When you get handed over the menu you will get stunned. The first page already gets your attention due to its amazing selection of cocktails. – Perfect time to use the excuse “Its 5 o’clock somewhere!” because these sound delicious!

But then turn over to the next page so you can get overwhelmed by so many delicious options. You get more and more excited as you keep reading. However, this does make it very hard to choose. So when in doubt, ask what the bestsellers are! You can never go wrong! So in this case the bestsellers are the ‘L’entrecôte’ and the ‘K Burger’. And I can definitely understand why. The L’entrecôte is a 250 gram rib eye from Australia and costs 150k Idr, which is about 8 pound.

The rib eye is cooked to perfection and seared with a layer of pepper creating a crunchy layer, giving it a little kick. The L’entrecôte is served with fries which look beautifully hand cut. They have this raw and homemade flavour. This plate is also served with a selection of homemade sauces, which include the most amazing hollandaise sauce and what I found to be a very special ketchup. The ketchup is made with only fresh ingredients. Our host explained “we want to give the costumer fresh ingredients and products every single day “, and that you can taste. This plate is beautiful and a meat lovers dream.

L’entrecôte – MyWarung Canggu

Next to serving delicious meat of amazing quality they also serve great options for my fellow vegetarians and vegans! In need of something fresh? Choose one of their delicious and tropical smoothy bowls! Its served with fresh fruit and crunchy granola! Lovely for a warm day or if you are feeling a little sweet! Another great option is one of their amazing salads! Get the ‘Healthy Goodies’ salad (60k Idr, which is about 3.30 pounds) if you are feeling extra healthy for the day! Its full of delicious greens and goodness! (And vegan!) This salad comes with the most amazing dressing I have EVER tasted. Its extremely fresh but also has a bite, it consists of honey, lime, shallot, ginger and soya sauce. – Which turned out to be the perfect flavour combination!

Pittaya Smoothie Bowl- MyWarung Canggu
Healthy Goodies salad – MyWarung Canggu

Another salad option that is slightly more exotic is the ‘Chick Medewi’ salad. (60k Idr) This salad consists of roasted pears, avocado, grilled chicken and halloumi cheese. The smokiness of the haloumi and the sweet taste of the pear compliments each other perfectly.

Chick Medewi salad & Healthy Goodies salad – MyWarung Canggu

But now attention for the real Indonesian lovers that are not afraid to back out! MyWarung serves a delicious traditional spicy Balinese chicken, served with rice, vegetables and condiments. This dish is called ‘Nasiayambalisambalmatah’, even the name frightens you. The only thing I can say is that the word ‘spicy’ in the description can not be emphasised enough! This absolutely delicious dish is definitely not for the weak, but once you get through it the amazing flavours dance in your mouth! -That is if you can still feel it.. This is definitely a must try!

Nasiayambalisambalmatah – MyWarung Canggu

Still feeling a little hurngy or just craving something sweet? Go and get a ‘Happy Ending! On the last page of their menu there is a selection of desserts categorised as ‘Happy Endings’! They offer a delicious selection of homemade cakes and other sweet goodness! – But common now, lets be honest, you noticed the amazingly looking cake on the counter the moment you stepped through the door! (I know I did!)

Not in the mood for something sweet? Then you will have to finish of your perfect lunch with a coffee! But this isn’t just a coffee..they make and ground their very own coffee! Which is absolutely delicious! I must be honest, a good espresso is hard to find anywhere. But here they managed to deliver a perfect coffee! In fact, people love it so much that they started to sell packages filled with the golden deliciousness over the counter in their restaurants!

Second floor of MyWarung restaurant, Canggu
Second floor of MyWarung restaurant, Canggu

Next to being a stunning restaurant and serving delicious food they also support locals by employing and training them. In the future they will then open new locations and have them manage the restaurant.

I definitely recommend you paying a visit to one of the MyWarung restaurants. I can honestly say that the restaurant is a trendy and beautiful place that anyone will feel comfortable at. Come for a delicious and calm breakfast, an exotic and buzzing lunch or come for dinner and experience an atmosphere that will make you end up dancing with a cocktail in your hand! – A DJ plays every night making the restaurant a trendy and exciting place to be!

Tip: Even if you don’t need the toilet in all the time you are there, do go, just to have a look! You will be stunned and it will definitely make you smile!!

Their address is: Jalan Subak Sari No.80, Tibubeneng, Kuta Utara, Kabupaten Badung, Bali, 80361

And they are open everyday from 08:00-12.00 midnight.

For more information visit www.mywarung.com