Canals in Amsterdam are frozen and making your way around town has never been so fun


As if the streets of Amsterdam could become any more beautiful.

Here I am standing on the crackling ice surrounded by the most beautiful architecture. Children chasing each other on the ice as they slip around the corner. As I take a deep breath the cold air creeps up my nose and cuts as a knife. Its a beautiful sight and feeling that I rarely experience in the month of March when in Amsterdam.




The last time we were able to make our way trough town on ice-skates was in 2012. Now we are so lucky to set eyes on this magical sight yet again. Its a winter wonderland that we don’t get to experience often and its dreamy!



At sunrise the early birds make their way on the ice and take advantage of this rare spectacle. Several nights ago the temperate dropped to -15c creating a thick layer of ice. But you’ll have to be quick as the sun is coming out and nights are no longer cold enough to make the ice thicker. So get your ice-skates out and get your moves on the ice because this is something you might not witness for a very long time!





All images shot with my beautiful Leica Q


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The perfect place to get cosy these winter days! – Down-Town gourmet market

Eindhoven is my hometown and I recently went back to enjoy some time home in the snow! Its a very vibrant and cosy city, especially during the winter days. But I found a little spot that succeeds to make you feel extra cosy on these snowy days!

In the middle of the centre you can find an exciting food market! I love to sit outside on the terrace watching the snow fall. But inside is where its buzzing!

As soon as you walk in you notice all the different smells of vibrant cuisines. Colourful lights catch your eye and laughter fills the air. Its the perfect place to take your friends or your family as its the an amazing and uplifting atmosphere.


Down-Town gourmet market, Eindhoven 


You can choose between many cosines, such as Turkish specialties, sushi, street tacos, Vietnamese food, Dutch specialities and many more. However, one of my favourite stands is named Miss Temaki. They make the most delicious vegan poke bowls, which you can wake me up for any day!

Fresh and vibrant flavours make up a beautiful and delicious bowl. Smooth avocado, sweet mango, crunchy edamame, its a bowl full of goodness and happiness! This stand can convince anyone that vegan food is exciting!


Vegan Poke Bowl from Miss Temaki – Down-Town gourmet market, Eindhoven 


There is so much delicious food to try! Visit for lunch or dinner and explore all the different flavours! But make sure to try Miss Temaki, trust me you’ll go home with a full and happy belly! Enjoy!

The market is open 6 days a week, Tuesday to Sunday from 12am to midnight. 

Its located on Smalle Haven 2-14, 5611 EJ Eindhoven, Netherlands




All Images shot with my beautiful Leica Q  – who never leaves my side!


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Friday nights at Restaurant Le Cozy in Eindhoven

Its Friday night, you find yourself in ‘the city of light’ where the nightlife continues until the last person leaves the cafe at 9 o’clock in the morning to go on the ‘eier’ at a friends house.  (The’eier’ is a Dutch tradition when after a night out you go straight to someones house to enjoy delicious bread topped with an egg! It will make your hangover a lot more bearable the next morning! – Just a little tip for you!)

However, Holland is known for their love of food and even in Eindhoven you can feel the food passion in the air! When you walk around on any night of the week there is a vibe, a warm and buzzing atmosphere. Terraces are full of people enjoying their drinks, food and company. Laughter is heard through the streets making you feel comfortable and cosy. The perfect example of a street just like that is located in the heart of Eindhoven, named the ‘Kleine Berg’.

Le Cozy , Eindhoven

The ‘Kleine Berg’ is a street full of cafes, bars, restaurants and shops. Its always buzzing and full of life. Its the perfect place to wonder around on a Friday night and have dinner in one of the many amazing restaurants. Nevertheless, one restaurant that you should definitely not miss out on is named Le Cozy

Le Cozy , Eindhoven

You sit down and sink away in the chairs outside on the terrace, comforted by many pillows and soft blankets. The staff makes you feel comfortable and give you the best service. The menu is vibrant, comforting and exciting all at the same time.

Le Cozy , Eindhoven

The vegetable pasta is out of this world – and my all time favourite! Lots of farmed vegetables overflow your plate which makes the dish vibrant and colourful!

Its an amazing place, with delicious food, great atmosphere and lovely people. The location is perfect and it gives you the true vibe of ‘the city of light’!

Le Cozy , Eindhoven

Best movie experience in Eindhoven

I love rainy Sundays! Whats better than ending your week with a lazy day cuddled up in your jumper and going to the movies!

I have had many Sundays just like that! And especially in my hometown Eindhoven! So I have decided to share my number one cinema with you guys so you know where to go when you have your own lazy Sunday!

Zien Cinema, Eindhoven Holland 

Zien Cinema is the perfect spot to take your date, your family, friends or even just yourself! It has extremely comfy seats in which you sink in to. A menu is placed on the small counter in front of your seat. Have you decided whether you want a hot chocolate, more popcorn or even a cocktail? Than press the button in front of you and your order is on its way! Just relax and enjoy the rest of the movie!

Zien Cinema, Eindhoven Holland 

So there you sit with a cocktail in one hand, popcorn in the other, sunk into your chair and deep into the movie! The service is amazing and quick, the popcorn is delicious and the overall experience is so relaxing, its the perfect Sunday!