Road trip from Normandy to Holland

In Deauville every sunset is more beautiful than the last. The colours appear more vibrant, and the sky seems more clear. But once in a while you get a special sunset. One with thunder and rain. Heavy clouds surrounded by vibrant colours. Light shines through the rain onto the water. A perfect rain storm.


I believe that when the sunsets its a magical moment, a golden moment. I can never stop staring until you finally see that moment where the sun only takes seconds to disappear behind the wall of sea. But this time I have to leave the perfect storm behind, and leave for another adventure. The next few days will include a lot of travelling! To some beautiful places! My next stop? Holland!

And what is a more beautiful road trip than travelling from Normandy to Holland? Both countries have the most magical landscapes. – The trip might take a little longer as I will be stopping every 5 min to take a picture..

So there I go, ready to take on another day, another adventure, another beautiful sunset.



Bastille day in Deauville (Normandy)

Yep, I told you! I am in breakfast heaven! And I am not alone! Step by step I walk down the hill with a small fluffy panda bear making me trip every two seconds by walking through my legs, jumping up and down out of excitement. As he sees the car he runs towards it like a little lamb. – I have now figured out why he enjoys spending time in the car, the leather seats are surprisingly delicious to chew on! As we drive down on the hunt for our breakfast we notice how busy it really is. Of course I hadn’t had my morning coffee yet and so it took me a few minutes to realise it was July 14th! Bastille day!! Which means, markets, shows and fireworks! – We like to think that actually the shows and the fireworks are especially done for my mothers birthday.. so lets not lie and just say it is all for the birthday girl!


Bastille is a great day to spend in Deauville! Spend it at the beach underneath one of their famous parasols or go strolling around visiting some shops while snacking on your warm croissant! And for the great finally go to the beach and put your feet in the sand, you are about to experience one of the most amazing fireworks you will ever see! The loud and heavy music creates an impact by itself but when it is harmonised with the spectacular fireworks, you hold your breath. Every year I catch myself being hypnotised by this beautiful experience, and every time it just seems to be more stunning than the other. All I really need to say is, go and see it for yourself. – Thank me later.