No plan Sunday – in London

Today had no plan. We decided to go to Notting Hill and start wondering around from there. When in doubt go to Notting Hill! It is perfect for a sunny Sunday like today. Whether you enjoy antique or trendy shops, old english cafes or fashionable trendy cafes. You can find anything! From vegan restaurants to a dog cafe! – Yep, you heard me, dog cafe! Go visit Verve London Pet Boutique & Cafe on Westbourne Grove for a coffee and a cuddle!

Notting Hill is also just an amazing place to go wonder around – like we did today! The architecture is beautiful and colourful. Grab yourself a cup of coffee from one of the amazing cafe’s and wonder around for a bit, you will be surprised with what you find!


We wondered around until we found ourselves in Hyde Park. It had just stopped raining, the sun came through and people appeared from under the trees where they had been hiding. The smell of earth, the fresh air, it was peaceful. I know I didn’t believe it either, but London can be peaceful too.