What is the key to happiness?

The key to happiness. Wouldn’t everyone like to find it. The thing is, everyone can, you just have to keep looking for it. When you lose your car key, do you just give up searching for it after a while? No, you keep going and move aside every object that stands in your way, until you finally find it. Everyone can find their key, but you will have to find it yourself. Only you know what this key looks like. Your key is original, differently shaped than others. So only you can find it.

I would like to think that I have a few keys. And one of them opens a door to the happiness I find in days like this. As I walk into the fresh garden, it smells of humid soil. The combination of this smell and the hot air already gives me a comforting feeling, putting a smile on my face. The dogs are already patiently waiting at the gate. – They too are excited to go for our morning coffee.

Le Morny’s Cafe Deauville
Le Morny’s Cafe Deauville


Le Morny’s Cafe Deauville

After fighting with the puppy over the last biscuit we decide to go back home and cool down by diving in the swimming pool. The heat makes you drowsy, the light makes everything look so green. The water is cool and the air hot. Even when the sun is starting to disappear in the sea, leaving the air painted in the most beautiful colours. It was the perfect moment to realise, this is the moment to end the day like a real French person would. We sat back down with a beautiful red wine and a selection of local cheese. With the warmth in our face, we enjoyed the smoothness and rich flavours of the French cheese, complimented by a sweet and light red wine. They were perfect together. It was as if the flavours made love the moment they were combined. As I said, I like to believe that I own many keys. And one of those keys, opened that door, a little piece of happiness.

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Bastille day in Deauville (Normandy)

Yep, I told you! I am in breakfast heaven! And I am not alone! Step by step I walk down the hill with a small fluffy panda bear making me trip every two seconds by walking through my legs, jumping up and down out of excitement. As he sees the car he runs towards it like a little lamb. – I have now figured out why he enjoys spending time in the car, the leather seats are surprisingly delicious to chew on! As we drive down on the hunt for our breakfast we notice how busy it really is. Of course I hadn’t had my morning coffee yet and so it took me a few minutes to realise it was July 14th! Bastille day!! Which means, markets, shows and fireworks! – We like to think that actually the shows and the fireworks are especially done for my mothers birthday.. so lets not lie and just say it is all for the birthday girl!


Bastille is a great day to spend in Deauville! Spend it at the beach underneath one of their famous parasols or go strolling around visiting some shops while snacking on your warm croissant! And for the great finally go to the beach and put your feet in the sand, you are about to experience one of the most amazing fireworks you will ever see! The loud and heavy music creates an impact by itself but when it is harmonised with the spectacular fireworks, you hold your breath. Every year I catch myself being hypnotised by this beautiful experience, and every time it just seems to be more stunning than the other. All I really need to say is, go and see it for yourself. – Thank me later.


Cuteness overload!

If you love something so much, why not carry an overload with you wherever you go! I have this obsession for fruit and vegetables! (being vegan definitely helps!!) Travelling to different countries gives you the opportunity to discover all kinds of different fruits and vegetables! – Which I am obsessed with! I mean look at the fruit Rambutan! Isn’t it just crazy!!


So when I was walking down the market and said “Bonjour” for the 5th time to the old men at the fruit stand I decided to fill my straw beach bag full with fruit! – I may or may not have gone a bit crazy with the baby pineapples.. (Next to being insanely cute they are also so sweet and juicy!!)


Now, let me introduce you to the new member of the family! – Who as you can see is already as obsessed with fruit as I am!!

Meet BUDDY! He is a Border Collie of 8 weeks old and is already a little trouble maker! Side by side we will take on the world! (And steal lots and lots of pineapples!!!) If you follow me on Instagram you will see in what kind of mischief he will get himself and what his travels are like by my side!



From St-Tropez to Holland where I picked up this little cuteness overload, to taking the next plane to London! Late night flight, an espresso to take me through the evening and a pineapple in my pocket! London here I come!!