Waking up in the Jungle in Ubud, Bali

Ubud is known to be a yogi paradise. There is nature everywhere and in some places you will have the most amazing view over the jungle and the palm trees. Practise yoga in-between the monkeys or wake up looking into the jungle. I woke up doing exactly that, I had my morning swim looking into a jungle abyss!

The day before I had arrived at Pandawas Villas. As soon as I found it hiding in-between the jungle it stunned me. Beautiful architecture is surrounded by a tropical garden. I immediately noticed the details of the building. Beautiful colours, traditional drawings and buddhas are hidden in-between the green garden giving you a sense of natural beauty and calmness.

Tropical garden – Pandawas Villas, Ubud Bali
Entrance – Pandawas Villas, Ubud Bali

The extremely kind staff welcomed me which left me feeling comfortable straight away. I got offered a delicious fresh made fruit juice, which was extremely refreshing especially after a long drive in the Bali heat!

Welcome drink – Pandawas Villas, Ubud Bali

As soon as you walk in you can feel the relaxing atmosphere. You are surrounded by jungle and there is peace and quiet. You almost feel more part of nature.

It is the perfect spot for romantic couples and for honey moons. There is a little tent next to the swimming pool in which you can have a romantic couples massage. This is definitely a place where you can get spoiled from heat to toe, but still have your privacy.

Massage spot- Pandawas Villas, Ubud Bali
Pandawas Villas, Ubud Bali

When swimming in the pool you look into the beautiful and endless jungle. You can hear the animal sounds echo between the trees. Palms are rustling in the wind. A Gekko crawls out of the tree in front of you. You truly are part of nature.

Personally I have turned into a real morning person since I moved to Bali. And so I love waking up by giving my body a good wake up call! A jump in the pool or just a cold shower is the perfect way to start the day for me! Plus there are a bunch of health benefits that come along with a boost of energy! It refines your skin and hair, improves immunity, improves circulation, stimulates weightless, recovers muscle soreness and relieves depression! I think this sounds like the perfect way to start the day!

Bikini – Reina Olga / Morning shower – Pandawas Villas, Ubud Bali

However, this morning shower was even more special and it definitely made me feel AMAZING. I took my shower in the open air surrounded by beautiful green trees and birds under the blue sky – this time it wasn’t only me singing in the shower!

Bathroom – Pandawas Villas, Ubud Bali
Shower – Pandawas Villas, Ubud Bali

I immediately fell in love with this bathroom. It has incredible detail. You are surrounded by green and everything is in the open air. Even at night it looks magical. Lights light up underneath the palms and highlight the details of the designs drawn on the wall. You can enjoy a bath while geckos keep you company. Don’t worry they won’t join you inside the bath, but they will sing you a little background song.

After an amazing night sleep I opened the curtains and a beautiful breakfast was already set out! And what is a morning without a good cup of coffee! I enjoyed a delicious local Balinese coffee while I dipped in a freshly baked crunchy croissant. This is the kind of place where you find yourself in the pool looking over the side into the jungle abyss thinking ” I am never going home”.

Local Balinese coffee & freshly baked croissant and bread – Pandawas Villas, Ubud Bali

If you ever want to wake up in the Jungle, or if you are looking for the perfect place for a honey moon or a celebration then I highly recommend you to go here. Its location is perfect, you are in the middle of the jungle and all you hear are geckos, birds, frogs and crickets singing in the wind. But you are still extremely close to the busy and trendy roads of Ubud – only about a 10 min drive down the hill!

Pandawas Villas, Ubud Bali

Its beautiful, peaceful and get ready to be mentally and physically detoxed. Become part of nature again and leave your busy lives behind just for a moment.


All Images shot with my beautiful Leica Q  – who never leaves my side!

Drone footage shot with DJI Mavic Pro Drone .

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Beachwear you will fall in love with this summer

Reina Olga beachwear. They are a beautiful cheeky swimwear supporting their slogan “NO BIKINI IS EVER TOO SMALL, AND NO TOOSHIE IS EVER TOO BIG”.  A company run by brother and sister, who took ‘life is a beach’ a little too serious! Originally starting the brand in Brazil they now create their handmade swimwear in Italy. – And you can’t deny that anything irresistible comes from Italy! (pizza, pasta, limoncello, ice cream, I mean common, its an irresistible country)

And many haven’t actually managed to resist it!! People such as Emily Ratajkowski and the Kardashians already have their closets full of these beauties! And honestly, so do I! I am in love with all their pieces! They have a stunning collection right now, which you should definitely check out! I don’t think you are ready for that summer holiday until you have one of these beauties in your suitcase!!

So if you decide to show off that summer body you have been working on all year you should definitely stock up on Reina Olga bikinis! With their amazing colours, patterns and fits they will make you walk over the beach like you ‘RUN THE WORLD’.

Below are some shots I took for the brand showing their new collection! All their bikinis are original and have a very clever design. Giving you that extra little comfort in the bra to make your boobies look their best! And a sexy cut on the bottoms, shaping your tooshie with the perfect coverage to make you feel beautiful, confident and sexy! (Yep, all at the same time!!)  You aren’t a fan of those large tan lines? No worries, there is the transformer for you! You are going to have lunch on the beach but you just had a swim and you don’t want those wet salty patches to leave any marks on your shirt? Don’t you worry! The new collection has a dress made of the same fabric as your swimming suit, which means you can just quickly change into this dress without worrying about wet stains and still look amazing!! Or do you want to go for their original design, the design they are originally known for? Go for the scrunchie! (My all time favourite!!)

As you might have noticed, I have already filled my suitcase for this summer! And so should you!! Go on, you know you want to rock that body while having a casual stroll over the beach! Trust me, in these you will feel sexy and confident enough to rock the whole world!

Reina Olga Beachwear – Shot by me 
Reina Olga Beachwear – Shot by me