The most romantic dinner at Dandelion in Canggu, Bali

You find yourself strolling around the streets in Canggu in your summer dress and your flip flops looking into every cafe and restaurant. So many places to try, but where to start? Don’t worry, I have just the place for you!

Take your date to impress or just enjoy a lovely evening with friends or even by yourself. Because this restaurant isn’t only beautiful and unique, the food is also AMAZING.

Warung Dandelion , Canggu Bali.

The friendliest staff you will ever meet will sit you down at one of the beautiful tables. The ground floor is already stunning and the atmosphere is warm and uplifting, but the roof seats are something special! (Make sure to book in advance if you want to make sure to get a place on the roof!)

Warung Dandelion , Canggu Bali.

Being vegan it never happened before that I basically want to order half of the menu in a restaurant that isn’t specialised in vegan food. But in this restaurant I was blown away by the delicious options. For both the vegetarian and non vegetarian lovers the menu is mind-blowing. – I will have to return many times to try every single dish! (Getting excited just thinking about it!)

Warung Dandelion , Canggu Bali.

I will give you one tip, this is very important: For dessert order the pancakes filled with coconut. They are a mouthful of heaven!

Warung Dandelion , Canggu Bali.

This restaurant is beautiful, has a great atmosphere, lovely people and amazing food. For the quality of food, the ambiance and the service it is extremely cheap too! Its perfect for a night out, which even your wallet will be happy with!

For reservations go to

Phone number: +62 896-2296-5413

Address: Jalan Pantai Batu Bolong No. 10, Canggu, Kuta Utara, Canggu, Kuta Utara, Kabupaten Badung, Bali 80361, Indonesië

They are open every day from 17.00-22.00.


Friday nights at Restaurant Le Cozy in Eindhoven

Its Friday night, you find yourself in ‘the city of light’ where the nightlife continues until the last person leaves the cafe at 9 o’clock in the morning to go on the ‘eier’ at a friends house.  (The’eier’ is a Dutch tradition when after a night out you go straight to someones house to enjoy delicious bread topped with an egg! It will make your hangover a lot more bearable the next morning! – Just a little tip for you!)

However, Holland is known for their love of food and even in Eindhoven you can feel the food passion in the air! When you walk around on any night of the week there is a vibe, a warm and buzzing atmosphere. Terraces are full of people enjoying their drinks, food and company. Laughter is heard through the streets making you feel comfortable and cosy. The perfect example of a street just like that is located in the heart of Eindhoven, named the ‘Kleine Berg’.

Le Cozy , Eindhoven

The ‘Kleine Berg’ is a street full of cafes, bars, restaurants and shops. Its always buzzing and full of life. Its the perfect place to wonder around on a Friday night and have dinner in one of the many amazing restaurants. Nevertheless, one restaurant that you should definitely not miss out on is named Le Cozy

Le Cozy , Eindhoven

You sit down and sink away in the chairs outside on the terrace, comforted by many pillows and soft blankets. The staff makes you feel comfortable and give you the best service. The menu is vibrant, comforting and exciting all at the same time.

Le Cozy , Eindhoven

The vegetable pasta is out of this world – and my all time favourite! Lots of farmed vegetables overflow your plate which makes the dish vibrant and colourful!

Its an amazing place, with delicious food, great atmosphere and lovely people. The location is perfect and it gives you the true vibe of ‘the city of light’!

Le Cozy , Eindhoven

The most beautiful town in Normandy.

Even on a rainy day, I enjoy walking through this beautiful town. This time I am holding my cup of coffee tight, the wind is giving me shivers down my spine. As I am sitting safely underneath the parasol I watch people walk past, each and one of them in their own little world. People fascinate me, I think that is why I day dream so much. – It happens daily where I have some kind of awkward eye contact with a stranger after getting caught staring at them for what must of been quite a while.. I just wonder off, in my own little world, while thinking about everyone else’s little world.

Le Morny’s Cafe Deauville


When I returned to planet earth after my daily day dream session I joined the most French birthday party I have ever been to. As I arrived I got guided to the most beautiful secret garden, surrounded by palm trees and flowers. The tables where filled with countless cakes all home-made by the people that had gathered themselves in the garden enjoying their red wine and champagne. Rose peddles, candles, cheese, cake, wine, champagne all chattered over the table, it was the most beautiful mess I had ever seen. The sweet sound of laughter combined with the beauty of the french language created the most beautiful vibe. I now know one thing, the French know how to enjoy life. As I took a bite of my cake I heard someone say this in the background, “Take that extra sip of your wine, enjoy that piece of cake, tell your friends that you love them, because you never know what tomorrow might bring.” – So there you are, some wise advise for you from a true French man.



La bella vita, life is beautiful. A few words you should be telling yourself repeatedly every day! While I sit down with my face in the sun, my puppy rests his head on my foot, the waiter places the most amazingly smelling fresh coffee on the table, and he smiles, “Bonjour, this one is on me” he says. Well that is a moment where I thought to myself, la bella vita!


There are many amazing restaurants in this beautiful town in France called Deauville. But on a day like this, whats a better place to go and enjoy some delicious food than in La Bella Vita! You walk in and immediately feel the relaxing atmosphere. Both the sofas and the chairs are extremely comfortable which places your body in a relaxed position. The waiters are extremely friendly and the menu is always changing, but ALWAYS delicious! (Which is perfect so you can drop by as many times as you want and never get bored of the menu!) Every bite of every single dish is so flavoursome, so surprising. I usually am able to taste the ingredients used in a dish, however, here they always seem to surprise me and leave me questioning as to what the secret ingredient is that makes the taste so unique and amazing. As you From started to desert, you leave happy and satisfied. Not many people know about this amazing place, which is why I am telling you to go and visit! Do both your body and your mind a favour, and spoil yourself with these amazing flavours. While you enjoy every single bite, you can hear the combination of the relaxing music and the kitchen singing loudly to queen in core. The restaurant has a happy atmosphere, you can feel the energy, you can feel it in the air, you can hear it in the kitchen, you can taste it in the food. Go on, book your table! Do it soon, you will regret that you haven’t been here sooner!!

La Bella Vita Deauville
La Bella Vita Deauville
La Bella Vita Deauville
La Bella Vita Deauville



Road trip to Saint-Tropez!

After pushing the last piece of luggage in the boot of the car using both hands and feet we were finally ready for our road trip! Starting from Eindhoven (my home town where I had flown to the night before), with as a final destination St-Tropez! 10 hours may seem like a long trip, but sing (shout) along to some music, have some coffee breaks and stick your head out of the window for a bit and the trip will fly by!

Pitch stop in Beaune at Hotel Le Cèdre

Half way through we decided to stop at a beautiful hotel named Hotel Le Cèdre. I must say, the food is incredible here. They have a Michelin Star restaurant named The Clos du Cèdre and I can honestly say they deserve that star! They have a beautiful garden in which you can sit and enjoy the green surroundings! This hotel is actually located very close near the highway! – Which you wont notice at all while sitting in the garden drinking your deserved cup of coffee in peace! Which makes it perfect for a pitch stop!

– A little tip: Try their chocolate desserts. They are famous for them!! Every little things is home made and so delicious!!


Once we were back on the road time went past quickly and before we knew it we were in St-Tropez! A little bit further there is a place named St-Maxime, which is literally opposite St-Tropez! It is extremely beautiful and has the most incredible vibe! I’ll be giving you tips and telling you all about this amazing place in the upcoming blogs! So keep updated!