The most beautiful place in Normandy

While walking down I start smelling the sea. As I get closer to the harbour I can hear the sound of seagulls, a large group creates the overpowering sound that makes you curious to see why they have all gathered together and making such loud noises. As I look behind the fishing boats I see countless seagulls, fighting over fish that has been left as the fisherman are working hard trying to move their daily catch ashore. Only a few meters away you see the fresh fish being dropped off and sold immediately to the locals that walk by. – I don’t think you could get any fresher fish than this. I am in a beautiful place named Deauville/Trouville. They are famous for their amazing fish, you can definitely understand why.



The towns are incredibly beautiful. Streets are filled with the cutest houses, build in the traditional normandy style. The harbour in Deauville is always filled with fishing boats, and the harbour in Trouville with sailing boats. This for me says it all. The people that come here enjoy life. They enjoy good food, as we know French do, a glass of wine with a selection of local cheeses are always part of a daily routine. They also love the sea and have an active lifestyle. And all this, you can feel in the atmosphere. There is a calm and happy feeling in the air, which you cant help but breath in and follow the flow.




They like to call it ‘Little Paris’. It is no wonder that you find many people from Paris taking advantage of their weekend to escape to this beautiful place on the sea. It almost feels like people come here to relax, and that they do. Wake up in the morning from the sun that shines through the window, touching your face with its warmth. You stretch your legs, put on the first dress you can find, and walk to the nearest bakery to get your fresh baguette. You have a walk over the market and buy your fresh fruit (and the Moroccan styled handbag you have had an eye on for a week). You then sit down, on one of the terraces surrounded by green trees and colourful parasols. You order your coffee and sneakily dip the warm bread you just bought from the shop on the corner in your coffee. – This is the exact routine I did this morning, so believe me, its a routine that will make anyone wake up with a smile! (Even on Mondays!)




As you walk around you cannot help but notice how beautiful the houses are. I will be showing much more of this stunning town in the coming days. But if you feel that you would like to see this place in real life (which you should!) then book your next hotel in Deauville! Trust me, it is a place that will make everyone happy! – Perfect holiday place for romantic couples, families, or just a single getaway for those moments where you want to escape, just by yourself!




St Tropez – breakfast with sailors

So there I sat, surrounded by croissants and bread. In the middle of a busy terrace while overlooking the countless sailing boats parked in the harbour. Each one of them branded with a huge sticker and flag saying Rolex. When I turn away from the boats I notice that I am surrounded by guys dressed in white, white sailing costumes.

I understand why all the sailors tend to have breakfast here! I ordered yoghurt with granola which wasn’t only beautiful but also really delicious! Really fresh and crunchy which is perfect for a warm morning! I do have to say, the espresso wasn’t very good. They make it way too watery and bitter. However, others had ordered the cappuccino and did say that they were really good! So when you decide to try out this place order a cappuccino, not an espresso. – But definitely go for the yoghurt and granola!!

Senequier St Tropez
Senequier St Tropez

Ever year The Rolex Cup is organised in St Tropez, which is a great event! It lasts for a week and is an amazing experience! The boats are all parked in the harbour of St-Tropez which gives an amazing view. When looking over the water you see countless sailing boats just flying over the water.


Anywhere you walk and look over the sea the view is amazing. Especially when the sun goes down and the boats are still on the water. The lights of the towns light up. The mountains become foggy and the sun reflects the light of the sunset. Its crazy.