Summery Lunch at La Vita è Bella, Como


La Vita è Bella is a restaurant where you can enjoy a real Italian atmosphere. You can find it in the middle of Como’s city centre next to the lake. It’s a great spot to have a delicious and healthy meal but still enjoy a true Italy. 

What to have


The menu here is amazing. Not only do they make some delicious traditional Italian food – the type of food you can only eat in Italy, its an experience in itself. But they also have the biggest selection of salads, which for a vegan lover is a dream!

One of my favourite salads is the ‘Insalata di Arance‘ (€8.50/£7.50), which consists of fennel, orange, rucola and toasted almonds finished off with a vinaigrette. This salad is crunchy, fruity and extremely refreshing. Perfect on a warm summer day!

Another one of my favourite salads is called ‘L’orientale‘ (€9/£7.90). This plate consists of a green salad mix with couscous, green beans, peppers, onion and mango croutons finished off with an amazing vinaigrette on top! The amazing thing is that they might have over 50 different salads on the menu, but you can still tweak your own. I am personally in love with avocado so I love to add it to my salads. Maybe you have a passion for fruit or fresh tomatoes, just ask and they will prepare it for you!

After lunch or dinner you of course have to finish your meal Italian style, it’s espresso time! If you aren’t a coffee lover it’s in Italy where you will learn to drink it! An espresso is almost like a digestive and I think it’s the perfect end to a dinner.



Where to go


La Vita è Bella is open everyday for lunch at 12:00–16:00 and for dinner at 19:00–23:00. Their address is Piazza Domenico Croggi 4 in Como. 



All images shot with my beautiful Leica Q


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Ruko Cafe – relaxing brunch spot


In-between all the rice fields and palm trees you can find a little cafe named Ruko Cafe. I love coming here for a quick coffee in the morning or for a delicious brunch. On a typical hot Bali day you can enjoy sitting inside where its nice and cool while you can peak outside through the huge windows. The atmosphere in here is light, vibrant and buzzing but still has a calming energy. I also tend to use this cafe as a work spot on somedays when its not too busy!


What I have

I am in love with their menu. If I fancy something homely, honest and not too fancy then I love coming here for a salad, sandwich or breakfast bowl.


My favourite sandwich is the ‘Go Green‘ (50k Idr/ 2.60 Gbp) which is a toastie with avocado, pesto and spinach. On a hot day it’s always nice to have a salad and the one I always order is the ‘Rainbow salad‘ (55k Idr/ 2.90 Gbp) This salad consist of avocado, sweet peas, carrot, mango, cashew, beetroot, radish, mixed greens, sesame seeds and topped with a citrus ginger tahini dressing – I mean, doesn’t that just sound like a plate from heaven?


For breakfast I love getting the ‘Acai bowl‘ (70k Idr/ 3.70 Gbp) and the ‘Fruit salad‘ (45k Idr/ 2.40 Gbp) which is a plate with coconut yoghurt topped with seasonal fruit and granola. Both are extremely refreshing and of course fruity, which I think is the perfect breakfast! Vibrant and exciting! But of course, my breakfast isn’t complete without a delicious cup of coffee! Ruko Cafe has great coffee which you can order with various different types of plant based milks. Im not too crazy about an espresso here, but they have yummy cappuccino!

They also have lots of freshly made juices and smoothies just to add to your super healthy breakfast or lunch!



Where to go

Ruko Cafe is open everyday from 7.30am – 4pm and their address is Jl. Pantai Berawa No.99 in Canggu. 


Im sure you’ll love its atmosphere (and especially their menu) just as much as I do! Enjoy!


All images shot with my beautiful Leica Q


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Brunch and tropical vibes at Sprout, Bali


I am the biggest salad lover. And being vegan it is always fun to mix up your salad with some colour, different flavours, proteins, textures and even some wow factor ingredients that really stand out! This is why I absolutely love going to Sprout as here they have a large menu, with lots of vibrant salads! But the best thing is, for someone like me I am extremely indecisive. Yep, the worst. But here I wont stare at the menu for an hour as at Sprout you can choose up to 3 different salads and they will combine all of them on one plate! Problem solved!



Sprout is a cosy cafe with a real tropical vibe. You walk through the arch onto the terrace where you can sit underneath the green treas. With an occasional leaf falling on your table you feel comfortable in the shade – escaping from Bali’s heat.

The menu is extremely vibrant and everything sounds absolutely delicious. Order a cold fresh coconut or one of my favourite drinks named ‘Shearwater’ (38k Idr/ 2 pounds)  This smoothie is made with watermelon, coconut, mint and chia seeds. Giving it a really fresh taste – perfect for a hot day!



However, the reason why I love coming here is for the salads. You can choose from a vibrant selection such as ‘couscous salad’ , ‘kale and chickpea falafel salad’, ‘lentil salad’, ‘raw veggie salad’ and many more! Create your own plate and indulge yourself into its deliciousness! A mixed salad plate only costs 75 Idr (4 pounds) and you’ll find that its a great portion, perfect for lunch!

There are lots more different delicious dishes on the menu such as a ‘kimchi quinoa bowl’ or ‘buckwheat pancakes’. The more you read the more indecisive you get! Everything sounds and looks delicious.



Sprout has a relaxing vibe, great food and you can even buy delicious cakes, biscuits and bread to take away! Its the perfect place to keep in mind whenever you fancy a quick bite, a delicious filling salad or when you need some essentials or ingredients to take home with you!

Im sure you’ll fall in love with this place and its food just as much as I did! Enjoy!



Sprout is open from 7am until 6pm. 

Its located on Jl. Raya Semat No.18, Canggu, Bali. 



All images shot with my beautiful Leica Q  – who never leaves my side!


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Leica Q, where do I even start when trying to declare my love for you. I mean, have you seen what it is capable off?! The quality is just insane, it still amazes me every. single. day.

Whether you change the lens to macro and use it for a breakfast shot like I did this morning – my coffee and fresh croissant were AMAZING btw thank you for asking – , or when you want to take a picture of a plane which you believe is just a tiny bit too far away – yep like the image below! In every single condition, close, far, dark or light it will not let you down. Leica Q, will you stay with me forever?


I have a new obsession which is the brand Tada and Toy. They are a young and vibrant jewellery brand with some amazing designs! They were selling at the London Fashion Week this year and it was love at first sight! Lovely girls with a little crazy attitude make the brand stand out. I made another order today! Check them out!

Leica Q close up 
Leica Q long shot


Before today’s workout I had a vegan couscous salad full of nutrition and goodness to help me get energised! – Plus super low on calories but still filling! (For those who are getting their beach body ready but love food too much to starve themselves, this is a recipe for you!!)

I will post the recipe soon! So keep an eye out on my food section! Doesn’t it just look jummy though? Perfect for a sunny day like today!

Summery couscous salad

The sun is shining!! Perfect timing for this vegan couscous salad full of nutrition but extremely low on calories to keep that summer body going!! Couscous is a great alternative to rice or pasta if you want to stay low on the calories but still eat some carbs! Perfect for a pre-workout or just as a delicious lunch!

All you need is:

  • 100 grams of couscous
  • 1/3 cucumber
  • 150 grams of cooked beetroot
  • 1/4 red onion
  • 2 cups of spinach
  • 1 paprika
  • 150 grams of cherry tomatoes
  • salt and pepper for seasoning
  • olive oil
  • balsamic vinegar

Dice the red onion and beetroot and mix together in a bowl. Then dice the paprika, cucumber and tomatoes. Cut the spinach in larger pieces and add all the ingredients together in one bowl. – This is already a nice salad by itself but ones you add the couscous it becomes even tastier! Mix the couscous and the salad together and season with salt and pepper. To finish drizzle with some olive oil and balsamic vinegar.

For an extra crunch add some pine nuts or cashews nuts!