From London to Lugano

After a hectic weekend going from France to Holland, then Holland to London, I have now finally arrived in Lugano. I took a late night flight and woke up in the country of coffee, spaghetti and love! Now, I consider myself being very lucky as my boyfriend is Italian. Yep, he is the typical Italian, he is passionate about food and cooks the best meals, he talks with his hands, and not to forget, he’s dark and handsome. He now lives in Lugano which is beautiful and is surrounded by stunning landscapes and cute villages. Together we go and explore and discover the most amazing places.


Today we woke up and had our morning coffee while sitting in the morning sun. Its hot, the perfect morning to dive into the lake to wake us up. We got on the bike and followed the lake, until we discovered the cutest place to lay down our towels. It is very hidden, so you have to look carefully. Its located on the lake Lugano in a town named Morcote. It is very small too but not many people know about it so you are never cramped. Its green, very green. You dive into the water while looking at the most stunning view. You lay on your towel and hear the sound of the waves crashing against the rock. You look over the water and watch the boats drive past. Its so relaxing, the perfect place to meditate.


Even though the location is surrounded by villages it is still very private. It is next to the road and in order to get to the platform you have to go down a few steps. It’s then completely surrounded by rocks and green. Its a lovely place to spend your day in the hot sun, while looking at the most stunning view.


We will never stop exploring so you can expect many more tips and secret locations to come! Keep updated everyone! X