Perfect day in St-Tropez

The window blew open, the warmth quickly found its way inside, voices shouting “Bonjour!” outside my window. I could already smell the fresh croissants. I quickly jumped up, threw on a dress and followed my nose to the closest bakery.

After breakfast we found ourselves wondering around St-Tropez, but were determined to find a tiny secret beach that has been there for years but honestly forgot about the fact it even existed! After a long but beautiful walk we finally found our secret beach! – I forgot how beautiful it really is! The amazing thing is, not many people know about it. So it is never overcrowded and it has a very relaxing vibe! The food is amazing too, which you can enjoy at the tables but also on your bed while baking in the hot sun! The name of the beach is Plage Des Graniers, but lets keep this our secret!! Shhhh..

Plage Des Graniers
Plage Des Graniers
Plage Des Graniers


Now, let me tell you something about one of the best restaurants in St-Tropez. – At least in my opinion! Located in one of the small streets you will find a Thai restaurant. This Thai restaurant is not just a restaurant, it literally serves your dream food! It is absolutely incredible and a MUST visit! The colours and the flavours they serve on each plate is insane, with every single bite you will be closing your eyes and without even realising the corners of your mouth will lift. This food really does make you smile!

Restaurant BanH-Hoï

When I wonder around St-Tropez I love to walk past one of my favourite hotels. It is perfect for having a drink but even more amazing to stay the night! This hotel will blow your mind as the interior is extremely stunning. – Definitely my favourite hotel in St-Tropez! It is called Pan Dei Palais and is located on Rue Gambetta. It is quite hidden so you might easily walk past it! – And you definitely don’t want to miss this!

If I had to recommend any hotel it would definitely be this one! So go and have a look, you will LOVE IT just as much as I do!!

Pan Dei Palais
Pan Dei Palais



Secret ‘steam valley’ in Iceland

Drops were gently falling from the sky. I looked up, the views kept changing. A river appears in the distance, steam is hovering over the water. We are getting closer.

Hveragerði – Reykjadalur

If you want to experience something amazing, something that brings you close to nature. Makes you feel or see things you have never seen or felt before. Then this is a place you HAVE to visit when going to the south of Iceland.

Reykjadalur, also called the ‘Steam Valley’, is a place hidden in the middle of the hills. After about a 3 km hike witnessing the most beautiful views you find yourself getting closer to the water and slowly getting surrounded by clouds of steam. At the end of the path you find hot water streams flowing down the hill. When you finally arrive after the challenging hike you will want nothing more than to strip down and relax in the hot water.


Hveragerði – Reykjadalur

Of all the amazing places we visited in Iceland I believe this was one of the most memorable places we have been to. I am honestly telling you to go and experience it for yourself, and you will know exactly what I mean!

While we were hiking up the rain got heavier and heavier, but even when the rain is pouring down it creates something magical. While you are enjoying the hot water and your body is warm you can feel the cold water drops dripping on your face. The contrast between the two creates a balance that is beautiful. It’s truly a magical place.

Hveragerði – Reykjadalur
Hveragerði – Reykjadalur
Hveragerði – Reykjadalur


A small tip on how to get there: Drive straight through the town of Hveragerði to reach a gravel road that leads to Reykjadalur. Once you park the car, it’s about a 50 min hike to reach the first spots warm enough for dipping in. The further you follow the stream, the warmer the water gets! When you get to the end of the path you will find an untouched natural hot stream in which you can lean back on the edge in the water and enjoy the view of the beautiful and pure mother nature!