My Healthy and Simple Morning Routine


My morning routine is pretty simple. But it’s the morning which will effect your whole day.

I usually wake up from the smell of freshly made coffee coming from the kitchen. I have always been surrounded by coffee lovers even since I was small. (I used to drink Bamboo coffee as I didn’t want to miss out on something everyone was so obsessed about).

If I’m lucky il even get a coffee shoved underneath my nose and il wake up from the smell of golden delight. To me that’s the best alarm clock in the world, want to wake me up quickly and smiling than this is THE way to say good morning!

Before drinking my coffee though I try to drink 2 glasses of room temperature water with squeezed lemon. It’s the best way to wake up and cleanse your body first thing in the morning. (It’s also great for when you are on a diet as it helps shrink your tummy).

While sipping on my coffee I love to get some work done while still being comfortable in bed. It’s the perfect time for me to write some articles or reply to emails.

After a bit of work and coffee in bed I get up, and I make my bed. I know, I seem like such a good girl. But it’s actually psychologically very good for you. As this is the first task of your day, and you have finished it. Psychologically you feel like you have accomplished a task and this will help you finish every other task through the day.



I’m that kind of person that doesn’t always feel extremely energetic in the morning, I like to stretch and take it easy as I’m sipping on my coffee. So I like to have a wake-up call. That’s usually in the form of a shower ending with a few minutes of freezing water. This is great to wake up your entire body, helps improve your immunity and circulation and even stimulates weight loss. However, if I have a huge lake in front of my house (like I do in Switzerland) then I prefer going for a cold dip! It’s therapeutic, and it definitely wakes me up!

Then it’s time for my favourite meal of the day, BREAKFAST! You can click here to see all the delicious recipe’s I love to make in the morning! Breakfast is so important and you can get your imagination going! Also, breakfast is the time where you don’t have to feel guilty about adding chocolate to your meal as you’ll be burning it off during the day. Woohoo!! (Secretly that’s why it’s my favourite meal of the day!)





All images shot with my beautiful Leica Q  – who never leaves my side!


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Why Geneva is the perfect place to spend Christmas.

Its that crunching sound you hear while walking through dry snow. The cold air that creeps up your nose and stings a little. The smell of trees, mountains and wood that flows through the air. Its those exact things that I love from the winter. Walking through the cold streets,  people holding a hot cup of coffee to keep their hands warm. The big jumpers and big scarfs that cover your face but always tend to slowly move down and leave your nose to freeze. When you open the door and make your way inside you can smell the scent of hot chocolate as you warm your hands next to the fireplace. Its those moments that leave me feeling in pure happiness.




We made our way from the white beach to the white mountains a few days ago. A special occasion left us on a plane straight from Bali to Italy! There we started our road trip with as our next destination Geneva!




Through the snowy hills, the green woods and over icy water we made our way. When arriving in Geneva you will notice the amazing atmosphere. The Christmas feeling takes over as coloured lights light up the streets. On every corner you will find the cosiest cafes full with people warming up their cold hands with a hot coffee and a slice of cake that Geneva is so famous for. I believe it is the perfect location to spend your Christmas holiday with your family, your friends or your loved one. You walk through the beautiful streets as you look over the lake with the snowy mountains in the background, the view is incredible. White swans take over the lake and create the most beautiful image. Its a fairytale city that creates the perfect Christmas atmosphere.




If you are looking for a place with delicious food and a great atmosphere then I definitely recommend you to visit Chez Philippe.

Its a beautiful restaurant with the most amazing service as well as the most delicious food. Its perfect for a great lunch, dinner or a special occasion!

I ordered the roasted rainbow beets salad with ginger which was absolutely delicious. Beautiful colours took over the plate creating a little piece of art. Fresh flavours where combined with the zingy flavour of ginger. Creating an explosion of flavour in every spoonful.

For a wintery soup that will warm you up you have to order the squash soup with pumpkin seeds. Its very creamy and full of flavour. A perfect cosy and warming meal for those cold days!


The roasted rainbow beets salad with ginger – Chez Philippe, Geneve, Switzerland.



Looking for a ticket to Geneva yet? Quickly click here! Because Christmas is just around the corner ❄️


All images shot with my beautiful Leica Q  – who never leaves my side!


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Favourite place to work in Lugano

I love working in different environments and places. I feel like it keeps my creativity and good energy flowing. So when I find myself in different locations I love searching for the perfect spots to work from! However, this is a spot where I keep coming back to when I am in Lugano. I fell in love with its atmosphere the moment I first set step on the dock.

Lido Riva Caccia , Lugano

As you sit down your cappuccino will be waiting for you. You open your laptop and take a sip of your delicious coffee while replying to your emails. You can feel your seat moving slightly up and down as waves crash against the dock. When you decide that you are getting too hot and need some refreshment just get undressed and take a dive into the cold lake. As you climb back on the dock you look back and look over the beautiful lake with the mountains in the background. It’s mind blowing, honestly the best place to spend your day working or just to enjoy a relaxed day in the sun!

Lido Riva Caccia , Lugano
Lido Riva Caccia , Lugano
Lido Riva Caccia , Lugano
Enter a captionLido Riva Caccia , Lugano

The streets of Como

The light shines through the window, I can feel the heat on my face. You can already feel that its going to be a hot day. Its the perfect morning to walk out and dive into the lake. I pull my hair back as I put on the hot helmet. The warm wind flows past my legs as we drive past the lake following the bendy roads. We drive through a village named Morcote where we stop for a coffee. We spend the morning working while drinking delicious coffees with the most beautiful view. The cafe’s terrace is placed on a platform that is built over the water, which creates a stunning image.

I like working in different places and environments. This is when I tend to work at my best. I find that it boosts my creativity and energy. This is why I like to look for nice cafes to work in! And this place is a very good option! With fast internet, comfortable chairs, amazing view and great coffee! (Very important to keep the work going!) If you are looking for a cafe to work I will advice you to go here! – They also have delicious food if you feel like you are on a role with your work and staying for longer than expected!

La Terrazza Sul Lago, Morcote Switzerland
La Terrazza Sul Lago, Morcote Switzerland
La Terrazza Sul Lago, Morcote Switzerland

As I mentioned, I love searching for nice cafes to work in. So after our productive morning in Morcote we decided to change the environment by driving to Como where we continued working in another cafe. Como is a beautiful place with its cute streets, vibrant colours and amazing atmosphere. As you walk past the cafes you smell the fresh coffee and pastries. The smell is making you hungry. Luckily its lunch time and I am in food heaven!

Como, Italy
Como, Italy

Como is beautiful and if you haven’t already visited I strongly recommend you have a stroll around its beautiful streets! You will fall in love with the atmosphere, the food, the people, the views. Just like I did. It immediately feels like home.


The best view in Lugano

I sat down, and looked at the beautiful view right in front of me. The house located only meters away from the water. The palm trees swinging making a rustling sound in the wind. But then I realised, why enjoy this beautiful view just from one aspect. Thats when we decided to get the bike and have a drive around and see where our curiosity would take us. With the beautiful hills on our right and the lake on our left we followed the road until we had to stop and take in the beauty of the view that was in front of us.


We sat down and allowed ourselves to get enchanted by natures beauty. Lugano is an amazing place. You can go from spending your day at the water to having hikes in the woods high up the mountain. – You can hike for hours and you will never get bored of the views, trust me. I definitely recommend you to go and visit this beautiful place, it is unique and has its secret spots that you definitely need to see. There are so many activities too. Go visit the centre and do some shopping, spend your day at one of the cutest beaches, hire a boat and explore the water, hike in the extremely beautiful woods or spoil yourself at one of the amazing restaurants. – After a few of their delicious coffees you might fit everything in one day! It is the perfect place. I’m sure you will love it too.


My next post will be about my next destination, which you would know about already if you follow me on Instagram! – However, for you that don’t know… surprise surprise!! Lets just say, I’ll be in breakfast heaven!

The most beautiful secret bathing spot in Switzerland

As I throw my bikini wrapped in a towel in the back of the seat I notice that the car is glowing from the heat. Its another hot day in this beautiful place. And what is a better way to start a hot day with a cold swim! I know the PERFECT place to go! – But shhh I don’t tell everyone! It’s the most amazing place to go for many reasons, and one of them is that not many people know about this beautiful spot! So it is never crowded! You only have locals and the occasional dare devils that do a flip of the waterfall into a narrow creek at the bottom. – Honestly, it gives you the biggest adrenaline rush jumping off into the beautiful blue water, giving you a shock from the cold as you touch the water.

Parko delle gole della Breggia

If you don’t feel like risking your life you can go swimming with the tiny fish that you will notice gathering around you as you walk into the water. You notice you are surrounded by the most vibrant trees and flowers. The only sound you hear are the countless crickets singing to the sun, and the water clattering down. It is the perfect place to meditate. Its the perfect place to get your mind straight and to be happy. Its another world. You feel part of nature. Of a piece of nature that feels like the middle of the jungle.

Parko delle gole della Breggia
Parko delle gole della Breggia

The cold will definitely cool you down and as you climb back onto the rocks you can feel the sun kissing your skin. Your skin may be cold but the heat keeps you warm, creating the perfect balance. I definitely recommend visiting this beautiful place when you find yourself in Switzerland on a hot day. Its called Parko delle gole della Breggia. It might be a bit hard to find and you will have to hike up the river to get to this beautiful spot. But trust me, its definitely worth it!! Nothing will cool you down and make you feel as happy and peaceful as this place. But shhhh, remember, its our little secret!!

Parko delle gole della Breggia