The first Superfoods bar serving the best Açai in Saint-Tropez – Açai Spot


I love the South of France for it’s warm colours, it’s cosy atmosphere and it’s beautiful scenery. I come here very often and that’s why I am so happy to have found this little gem in the middle of Saint-Tropez! Apart from the beach of course this will be the spot where you’ll find me! Enjoying my Açai Bowl in the sun while watching people go past through the stunning streets of the city.

This cafe that I am so in love with is called Açai Spot. It’s a little cafe in the middle of a cute street near the water. It’s the perfect spot to quickly pick up some breakfast or a quick snack. Or if you got some time sit down with your freshly made Açai bowl and enjoy the view.

What’s so special about this place is the fact that everything they serve here is 100% natural, has no sugar and absolutely no animal products in it. All the dishes are home-made, high quality and made with pure love. But it’s not only the dishes that are 100% natural. You are sitting in a complete natural environment! The bar is made with organic material and even the plastic bowls, cups and cutlery is made with compostable ‘plastic’. Meaning when a bowl or a spoon is placed in water it will dissolve over a short time – happy days for Mother Nature!



What to have


My absolute favourite and of course the first thing you have to try is the Açai Bowl (S €13/L €16). The amazing thing is that you can put together your entire bowl. Starting with a base you can choose between coconut, pitaya, Açai Pure and Açai Energy. Then choose the fruit you want it mixed with and finish off with the toppings! Different types of fruit, seeds, quinoa flakes and so on. If you order large you are in for a treat as it’s prepared to be a full meal. With lots of protein and amazing vitamins and minerals you have yourself a healthy boost that both your body and mind will love!



The quality of their ingredients and Açai is truly impressive. In fact, you’ll even see people from Brazil licking their lips when they leave with their very own bowl. One thing is for sure, they have some kick ass açai with which they make a kick ass bowl!

If you are an Açai freak like me this is also a great spot to take some high quality Açai home with you. They sell large bags of it in the cafe which are amazing. They also have snacks made daily such as delicious Energy Balls, which are great to take on the go! You can also order a fresh cold soup, juice, vegan protein smoothie or a ginger health shot if you are feeling extra healthy!

I truly love everything about this cafe. The natural and cosy atmosphere, the sweet and comforting people and of course the high quality and delicious products and meals. Their focus is ‘to inspire people to make decisions for a healthy and balanced diet by offering products aimed at their well-being’. All this with a little fun and sweetness added!


Where to go

Açai Spot is open everyday from 7am -7pm and their address is 15 Rue des Remparts
in Saint-Tropez. 

All images shot with my beautiful Leica Q


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The Best Neapolitan Pizza in Como


I’m totally in love with Italy so it’s no wonder I found myself an Italian boyfriend! I always had a strong connection with the country of passion, love and food. But of course since I actually fell in love with a guy there my connection just became stronger and I now like to visit as often as I can!

I have been spending lots of time in Como and I thought that it wouldn’t be a bad idea to find out where you can have the best vegan pizza in town! Lots of pizza’s and glasses of wine later and I have finally found the perfect spot!





Often the less prettier and old fashion restaurants is where you can eat the best food. One of those places just like that is Pizzeria Da Benito. This pizzeria is hidden away in a small street 5 minutes walking from the centre. When the sun is shining you can sit outside and enjoy a cold glass of wine while you wait for the ultimate pizza.


What I love


Pizzeria Da Benito makes the best pizza marinara, an ultimate classic.  This pizza has a crispy crust, as you take a bite you can hear the crust break and white flower dust remains on your fingers. The tomato sauce is so rich, you can taste the freshness of each ingredient. And even though there is lots of sauce the bread remains crispy. It has the perfect balance of textures and flavours. You can truly taste the classic Italian flavours that will remind any Italian of their grandmothers food. It’s honest, and purely delicious.

What’s also amazing is the fact that they offer a choice of pizza dough. Instead of normal white dough you can also have a wholegrain, multigrain or kamut base. Making your pizza extra healthy! Healthy, fresh and absolutely delicious! Doesn’t this just sound like a dream?!




Where to go


Pizzeria Da Benito is open everyday from 12–3PM, 6:30PM–12AM and their address is Via Briantea 29 in Como.


All images shot with my beautiful Leica Q


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Crate cafe – vibrant and trendy brunch spot you can’t miss


As you might know Canggu is full of trendy cafes and bars, vegan, organic or raw, you have it all! But as there is quite a large choice, which do you choose? Well, the best place to start is at the beautifully raw cafe named Crate Cafe in Canggu! This cafe has a buzzing atmosphere and is one of the trendiest spots. The interior has a rustic look and is build with few walls, this way everything feels very open and spacious. When walking up the rustic stairs you find yourself on the roof top which is beautifully designed. The whole place has a raw and earthy feeling to it. And this reflects in their food! A huge menu is written on the rusty wall and each dish sounds more amazing than the last, making it very hard to choose!


What I have

Both the juices ‘Dr. ABC‘ and ‘Surfs Up‘ are my favourites. They are both deliciously refreshing, which is always a win win in Bali! (50k Idr/ 2.80 Gbp).

For a vegetarian breakfast both the ‘Brekkie Plate‘ (50k idr/ 2.80 Gbp) and the ‘Veto‘ (45k Idr/2.50 Gbp) are a filling and healthy breakfast, which is a win win!

However, for my fellow vegans, you’re in for a treat! They have the most exotic chia pods that you HAVE to try. Not only are they vibrant and super delicious, they are also extremely Instagram friendly! A big jug of chia pudding topped with a smoothie will overflow your jug leaving a delicious mess. Two of my favourites are the ‘Chia Boy‘ which is chocolate and coconut based and the ‘BlueBS‘ is made with blue spirulina giving it the most awesome colour.

Another two deliciously vegan breakfasts/brunches are called the ‘Hipstar‘ which consists of Acai, berries and Chia (50k Idr/ 2.80 Gbp) and the ‘Green brekkie‘ which consists of quinoa, greens and avocado (45k Idr/2.50 Gbp). One thing is for sure, you will definitely be leaving with a happy body and a happy mind every. single. time.

For an extra pick me up I also love getting a ‘Dirty Chai Latte‘ which is a delicious Chai latte with almond milk and a shot of espresso. Accompany your latte with a vegan muffin and you will be left mind blown. (My favourite combo!)



The service is quick and the people are lovely! Don’t have time to sit down? Order a take away and enjoy a delicious breakfast on the road! It’s a must visit spot for any trendy bendy especially if you want to keep up with the Bali hype!


Where to go

Crate Cafe is open everyday from 07:00 – 15:00 and is located on Jalan Canggu Padang Linjong in Canggu. 



All images shot with my beautiful Leica Q


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