Fresh coconuts and waves for breakfast in Bali

When we are a little stressed or tired we all just close our eyes and imagine to be hearing the sound of the waves, our feet in the warm sand, enjoying the view of a landscape full of bamboo huts and palm trees. Well.. when I opened my eyes this morning, I wasn’t dreaming.. it was real. Welcome to Bali.

Its a hot morning, and I am full of excitement wanting to go explore this beautiful place named Canggu. However, only after a few minutes of walking I get distracted by a cafe named Shady Shack who seem to be serving the most colourful plates I have ever seen. I can’t help but make a stop! And I am so happy we did.. it’s breakfast heaven.

The Shady Shack Canggu, Bali

Fresh coconuts, opened with a large knife right in front of your eyes and served with just a straw. A delicious cappuccino with coconut milk. And smoothy bowls topped with fresh fruit and granola, which are out of this world. Its not only the colours that are vibrant, the flavours are too. The fruit explodes with flavour, its sweet and fresh. The coffee is creamy and delicious. Its the ultimate breakfast. The perfect start to a day beautiful day!

The Shady Shack Canggu, Bali

After a good breakfast we continued walking through the beautiful streets of Canggu. You can hear banana trees rustling in the wind as you walk passed shops and cafes. Until we reached the end of the street and found ourselves with our feet in the sand. As I walked towards the sea I could see people riding the waves. One by one, some would fall, but then get back up and try again, over and over again. You may need some dedication, but once you stand, and ride along the waves, you feel like you have concurred the world.


This is my first day in Bali, but definitely will not be my last. In fact, I have many more stories, adventures, and tips about this magical place for you guys in the future as I will be living here for a while! I have officially moved to Bali! And boy do I feel lucky! X




15 things you should think of before leaving for your road trip in Iceland

I recently went on the most amazing road trip I have ever done. I went to explore Iceland in a minivan and it was the most crazy adventure! I discovered, I loved, I lived but I also figured out a few things that I wish I knew before! And I am about to share them with you guys so you can be a little more prepared than I was!

1.Bring a rain coat, swimwear and 5 winter jumpers. 

The weather changes drastically! One moment you can be sitting in the sun while swimming in the geysers. The other moment you find yourself in the middle of a storm soaking wet and being blown away by the wind. Even still in May you might even wake up to snow! Iceland has the most unpredictable weather conditions, even the locals will tell you!  So be prepared for anything!!


2. Stop at every gasstation you see.

Seriously, stop every time you see a gasstation and make sure to fuel up!! You won’t know when the next time will be! And trust me, you don’t want to end up with no fuel, sometimes there are hours in between gasstations or even villages!!

3. If you hire a car at one of the car/van hires ask for a discount card! 

At most car hires you can ask for a discount card which will enable you to have free wifi, discount on gasoline and a free coffee at every gasstation! This sounds like a pretty good deal to me!


4.Take advantage of the free wifi at the gasstations.

If you are bringing your laptop or just don’t have internet abroad take advantage of the free wifi in every gasstation! Go inside and enjoy a coffee and some Skyr (an Icelandic yoghurt, a must try!! So delicious!!) while using the free internet! Or just stay in the car and park in the parking lot close to the gasstation! – Don’t forget to upload your pictures on Instagram to make everyone jealous!!

5. Food and daily necessities are expensive. 

Keep into consideration that life is rather expensive out there. Daily necessities and grocery shopping will quickly get very expensive. For the cheapest prices go to a supermarket named Bonus, here you will find everything you need and the best deals!

6. Book in advance. 

If you want to visit famous or popular spots make sure to book in advance! Places such as Blue Lagoon, or if you want to go Whale watching in Husavik make sure to book early! This way you will prevent disappointment as these get very busy and it will even be cheaper!


 7. Make sure your car/van, and every object that stays inside the car is waterproof.

Storms can get very heavy and it can rain for days, so it is very important that your car/van is waterproof! If you are not 100% then make sure the objects (camera, laptops etc.) are safe!!

8. Take a multi car charger.

If you are tracking around Iceland you will want to take pictures, film, and use your phone all at the same time. However this might be difficult when everything runs out of battery! So the best way to keep everything fully charged is to buy a multi charger for in the car so you can charge as many as you need at the same time!

9. Take your best walking shoes.

Iceland is full of beautiful places, and in order to get to almost every place you will either have to walk or hike in order to get there! Don’t worry, the walks are absolutely gorgeous and you will love them, but you wont enjoy it as much if you don’t have the right shoes!! The landscape varies from place to place, you can walk on sand one moment and the next you will be hiking up a slippery rocky mountain. Bring comfortable, strong and non-slippery shoes/boots! – Also bring a few plasters just incase!!


10. Take extra camera batteries and memory cards. 

When you are out there going on adventures you won’t stop taking pictures. Every landscape, every hike, every swim, every encounter, it will just stun you and you will want to capture every moment of it. And you will see that the moment you think you are about to take the perfect shot your memory card will be full and you will miss that perfect moment!! (You will always keep believing that that shot would of been the best shot you have ever taken..and regret it forever and always!! Yep, talking from experience here…) So always take extra batteries and memory cards!!


11. Take your thickest sleeping bag! (And a sleeping mask) 

The sun may shine in the day but don’t let that fool you! At night it can get really, but really cold. Pack your thickest sleeping bag and make sure to take warm clothes to sleep in!! If you are going in the summer months you might also want to take a sleeping mask. In the summer the days are very long and nights will never become fully dark. This may be deceiving and mess with your brain a little! Wear a sleeping mask so you go to sleep in the dark and so you wont wake up from the light!

12. Make sure you have internet abroad.

Make sure you have a navigation or even better a phone with internet! We tried to use a map at first, but quickly found ourselves needing help from our dear friend Google Maps! Many places are not shown on the paper maps, sometimes you will need to hike to destinations or all you have are coordinates of the place you want to go to.. a phone will definitely help you out!


13. Visit popular spots or attractions early in the morning or in the evening.

If you want to visit popular spots or attractions make sure to go either early in the morning or late in the evening. This is when they are the least busy!

14. Plan your trip in advance.

Make sure to write down all the places you want to visit and plan your trip in advance. This way you can create your perfect route and keep some kind of schedule! This will really help you to keep on track and see everything you want to see!


15. Try their hotdogs!

Last but not least!! Make sure to try a hotdog at a gasstation! Iceland is known for their delicious hotdogs and every gasstation will have them on their menu! They are extremely cheap and full of flavor! Its a must!!


So there we have it! Some tips to make your unforgettable road trip even more amazing! I loved it and I am sure you will fall in love with its magic too! X

Road trip from Lugano to St-Moritz

As we stretched our legs we decided that it would be the perfect morning to grab our stuff and get going on a road trip! With as our next destination St-Moritz! Lugano is only about 2.5 hours from Lugano, and its one of the most beautiful trips I have ever done. You gradually climb your way up the mountains, cross bridges that are build over the abyss, and pass waterfalls formed by huge rocks. The higher you climb, the more beautiful the view gets. The closer you get to St-Moritz the more turquoise the water gets. The whole trip is absolutely breathtaking.


The breathtaking views will just continue to amaze you once you arrive in St-Moritz. As you look over the turquoise water sailing boats will cross the horizon. In the background fields of green and high mountains. Even the houses suite the beautiful scene and make the picture complete. We drove into the most romantic movie scene, and I am not planning on leaving it anytime soon!


With an espresso in our hand we put our feet in the water and watch the sails go by. It’s the most amazing place to go for long and beautiful walks. Both in the summer and in the winter you have plenty of activities and it will be buzzing with energy! The scenery also changes drastically, but I cant decide whats more beautiful, the image below with fresh green grass, or filled with snow. Can you image what its like? It would be winter wonderland. – I cant wait for the first snowflakes to fall and sit in front of the fire with my hot coco, looking outside of the frosty window and seeing the town covered in fairy lights. (Let me just burst my own bubble!) But for now, lets enjoy the green fields, warm lake and beautiful mountains!


In the next few days I will be showing you all about St-Moritz! And tomorrow is a special day! Il be telling you all about it! X


Best boutique hotel in London

If you want to spend your weekend in one of the loveliest and best boutique hotels in London I know just the place for you!

Welcome to The Royal Park Hotel. Its located in the heart of London close to Hyde Park. Even though it is so central the location is slightly hidden away in a beautiful small road, which creates a special look. The hotel may seem small from the front as all you see is the entrance, but when you enter it feels like you have just set step in wonderland.

The Royal Park Hotel London

I pushed the door and set step in one of the most beautiful hotels. The rooms make you feel comfortable and cosy. The warm lights create a warm and welcoming atmosphere. It has a calming effect. The rooms are beautiful and cleaned to perfection. As you see the bed you immediately want to fall into it but then notice a few notes laying on your pillow. Before you pick them up your eye notices a cookie jar standing on the table next to the bed, fresh home made cookies. As you take your first bite your eyes close for a second while enjoying the amazing flavour, when you open them again you read the note. Its handwritten, telling you what the weather will be like tomorrow and wishing you a wonderful stay. If this doesn’t put a smile on your face, I don’t know what will.

The Royal Park Hotel London
The Royal Park Hotel London


Its late, as you get underneath your fresh and crisp sheets you notice the view from your window. London is beautiful, and it especially shows its beauty at night. The view from the rooms of this hotel are breathtaking. They emphasise how stunning London really is. Its the perfect view to go to sleep to and to wake up to.


I slept like a rose. The king size beds are almost too comfortable. – I had a lot of trouble get up in the morning. However, my curiosity for breakfast dragged me out of bed. And oh was it worth it! If you are a real breakfast lover (like me) than you will love their continental breakfast! They layout a large selection of different fruits, breads, cheeses, salmon, but manage to make this breakfast different from any other. For example they offer the most amazing banana bread (You HAVE to try it!!) and delicious home made jams. You can also order from a menu which has delicious options. – Yet again I spend 30 minutes choosing as I wanted to order everything. But I decided on getting poached eggs with avocado served on wholemeal toast, best decision I have ever made! The eggs were cooked to perfection, the avocado was smooth and perfect and the toast was crispy. I believe that less is more, so when a simple dish is made to perfection, nothing can beat it.

Breakfast is served in a beautiful room what at night is the most amazing whiskey bar. You don’t have to stay in the hotel to visit the whiskey bar, its open for anyone that enjoys a drink while listening to jazz music in one of the most stunning rooms I have ever seen. You sit down in soft chairs and melt into the seats, while you study the interior design you notice that the light makes you feel warm and cosy. The old english style has never been more impressive. It creates the perfect atmosphere that will make you crave a glass of whiskey and a cigar. You open the menu which has a selection of cigars and the finest drinks, including an impressive selection of whiskeys. The choice is so hard that the waiter notices you are struggling and kindly gives advice on which whiskey would personally fulfil all your expectations. The combination of the room, the light, the smell, the music, the service, the whole atmosphere and the taste of the whiskey is a unique experience.

The Royal Park Hotel London
The Royal Park Hotel London
The Royal Park Hotel London


The Royal Park Hotel London

Its style is so beautiful you feel like you have stepped back in time. By staying here it will definitely complete your whole experience of London. I highly recommend it to everyone and even I will definitely be back soon, even if it is for a whiskey at the bar!

Best place for a celebration dinner in London.

One thing you might not know about me is that I have spend my last three years working my booty off at UAL (University of Arts London)! And then the final day comes when you think that all those restless nights and panic attacks were totally worth it! Graduation day has finally (FINALLY) come!! As you have noticed I travel a lot so I decided to continue my road trip from Holland to London!


When I am in London it feels like home. It will always feel like home! Having said that, there are a lot of places I call home. I will always feel at home where ever I am comfortable. But when I spend too much time in one place I get a craving to leave as soon as possible. I think I was born to travel, my curiosity is way too strong not to follow, so I will explore every single part of this beautiful world.

So having had graduation I decided to celebrate the fun but stressful few years by going to SushiSamba! And let me tell you, it is an amazing experience!! As soon as you arrive at the building you are kindly accompanied to the elevator. The doors close behind you as you press the button to the 39th floor. You feel your legs getting weak as you are going up with speed, but this doesn’t bother you.. you are way too distracted by the breathless view as you are getting higher and higher. You see more skyline than ever before.

SushiSamba London
SushiSamba London
SushiSamba London
SushiSamba London

As you are waiting for your table you are invited to the bar which serve the most mazing and fresh cocktails you have ever tasted. From a fresh thai lychee cocktail to a mango cocktail that is so fruity you wont notice the liquor until you stand up.

You then get escorted to your table and sit down staring to the most beautiful lit up skyline you have ever seen. You will realise how big and beautiful London really is, its a whole new perspective you have never experienced before.

SushiSamba London
SushiSamba London
SushiSamba London
SushiSamba London
SushiSamba London
SushiSamba London


You get bombed by kind service, which becomes slightly overwhelming after a while. They mean well, but after the fourth time of being asked if I want another drink or if I am finished with my plate while I am clearly still picking it becomes annoying. Nevertheless, the food is mind blowing and I enjoyed every bite of it. Each dish makes you think of how they must of prepared it and what makes it so unique. With each bite you lift your head and enjoy the exploding flavours while looking at the most stunning view. It is definitely an amazing experience. I recommend visiting for dinner as the view is the most spectacular when the sun sets and London lights up. – For guys that are looking for a perfect place for a date, go here and you will end up going home with her, trust me!!


Road trip from Normandy to Holland

In Deauville every sunset is more beautiful than the last. The colours appear more vibrant, and the sky seems more clear. But once in a while you get a special sunset. One with thunder and rain. Heavy clouds surrounded by vibrant colours. Light shines through the rain onto the water. A perfect rain storm.


I believe that when the sunsets its a magical moment, a golden moment. I can never stop staring until you finally see that moment where the sun only takes seconds to disappear behind the wall of sea. But this time I have to leave the perfect storm behind, and leave for another adventure. The next few days will include a lot of travelling! To some beautiful places! My next stop? Holland!

And what is a more beautiful road trip than travelling from Normandy to Holland? Both countries have the most magical landscapes. – The trip might take a little longer as I will be stopping every 5 min to take a picture..

So there I go, ready to take on another day, another adventure, another beautiful sunset.