Where to go for dinner and cocktails on a Friday night in Ubud, Bali

Ubud is a lovely place and the centre comes alive at night. But due to the many different restaurants and cafes it gets quite hard to choose a perfect spot! So I decided to share a little tip and tell you what one of my favourite places is to go to on a Friday night!


Espresso Martini MyWarung Ubud, Bali

Welcome to MyWarung! As soon as you walk in you will notice the great atmosphere! On any night of the week its seems to be buzzing and full with people enjoying good food and great cocktails. Nice and relaxing music in the background sets the right mood and laughter fills the room. Its a lovely place perfect for an evening with friends, a family dinner or even a date night! Its warm atmosphere and the kind people make you feel extremely comfortable.

Behind the bar they make delicious cocktails and some even with a little twist! The bar is open and placed in the middle of the restaurant so you can watch them make your very own cocktail, which creates quite a show!

MyWarung Spritz MyWarung Ubud, Bali

The ‘MyWarung Spritz’ (100k Idr) and ‘MyWarung Rujak Martini’ (100k Idr) are the specials that I got highly recommended. So I couldn’t resist and had to try them!

The ‘MyWarung Spritz’ was citrusy, summery, you could taste the red fruit, fresh but with a surprising slight sparkle which hits you first before any of the flavours kick in. The taste of alcohol is not very strong which makes it very pleasant to drink, even while you are eating. The flavours melt together nicely. Perfect hot summer day drink!

The ‘MyWarung Rujak Martini’ was extremely surprising and I have never tasted something like this before! It was fruity, orange, tangy. The moment you take your first sip its light, but hold up a second because another flavour is about to kick in! A burst of spiciness is about to take over! This drink is made with pineapple, cucumber, apple, triple 6, vodka, and then as the special ingredient.. Balinese chilli! Its extremely special and I am not surprised that this is their signature drink!

Roasted Pumpkin salad MyWarung Ubud, Bali

For dinner I decided to try the ‘Roasted Pumpkin’ salad (65k Idr) which is vegetarian but can also be made vegan! It was very light and fresh pear really gave the salad character. Pumpkin seeds were sprinkled on top which created an amazing texture!


For the non-vegetarians there is a special dish that you have to try! But this dish is not for the weak! ‘Nasi Babi Sambal Matah’ (85k Idr) is a traditional spicy Balinese dish! You will be thanking them for placing a large amount of white rice in the middle of the plate, because you are going to need it when your mouth is on fire! This plate is full of tangy, fresh, spicy and crunchy flavours and textures!

Nasi Babi Sambal Matah – MyWarung Ubud, Bali

A little tip – try the ‘Espresso Martini’ (100k Idr)! As you know I am a big coffee lover so this is definitely my favourite cocktail! Its extremely creamy, tasty, sweet and it does not have an overpowering alcohol flavour. (Which can be dangerous, this cocktail is so good that before you know it you will be falling of your chair!)

The staff is extremely friendly and always have a smile on their face! Great quality for the price you pay! Great place to impress someone by taking them out for a cocktail on a Friday or Saturday evening!

There are 4 different MyWarung restaurants in Bali and this one in Ubud is actually their newest one! But already it has a great atmosphere and it is considered to be a very trendy place!  If you want to know more about the 3 other locations click here!

MyWarung in Ubud is open from 11 am to 11pm 

Their address is: No. 7 Galeria Menara Ubud, Jalan Raya Ubud, Gianyar, Bali 80571 Indonesia

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Waking up in the Jungle in Ubud, Bali

Ubud is known to be a yogi paradise. There is nature everywhere and in some places you will have the most amazing view over the jungle and the palm trees. Practise yoga in-between the monkeys or wake up looking into the jungle. I woke up doing exactly that, I had my morning swim looking into a jungle abyss!

The day before I had arrived at Pandawas Villas. As soon as I found it hiding in-between the jungle it stunned me. Beautiful architecture is surrounded by a tropical garden. I immediately noticed the details of the building. Beautiful colours, traditional drawings and buddhas are hidden in-between the green garden giving you a sense of natural beauty and calmness.

Tropical garden – Pandawas Villas, Ubud Bali
Entrance – Pandawas Villas, Ubud Bali

The extremely kind staff welcomed me which left me feeling comfortable straight away. I got offered a delicious fresh made fruit juice, which was extremely refreshing especially after a long drive in the Bali heat!

Welcome drink – Pandawas Villas, Ubud Bali

As soon as you walk in you can feel the relaxing atmosphere. You are surrounded by jungle and there is peace and quiet. You almost feel more part of nature.

It is the perfect spot for romantic couples and for honey moons. There is a little tent next to the swimming pool in which you can have a romantic couples massage. This is definitely a place where you can get spoiled from heat to toe, but still have your privacy.

Massage spot- Pandawas Villas, Ubud Bali
Pandawas Villas, Ubud Bali

When swimming in the pool you look into the beautiful and endless jungle. You can hear the animal sounds echo between the trees. Palms are rustling in the wind. A Gekko crawls out of the tree in front of you. You truly are part of nature.

Personally I have turned into a real morning person since I moved to Bali. And so I love waking up by giving my body a good wake up call! A jump in the pool or just a cold shower is the perfect way to start the day for me! Plus there are a bunch of health benefits that come along with a boost of energy! It refines your skin and hair, improves immunity, improves circulation, stimulates weightless, recovers muscle soreness and relieves depression! I think this sounds like the perfect way to start the day!

Bikini – Reina Olga / Morning shower – Pandawas Villas, Ubud Bali

However, this morning shower was even more special and it definitely made me feel AMAZING. I took my shower in the open air surrounded by beautiful green trees and birds under the blue sky – this time it wasn’t only me singing in the shower!

Bathroom – Pandawas Villas, Ubud Bali
Shower – Pandawas Villas, Ubud Bali

I immediately fell in love with this bathroom. It has incredible detail. You are surrounded by green and everything is in the open air. Even at night it looks magical. Lights light up underneath the palms and highlight the details of the designs drawn on the wall. You can enjoy a bath while geckos keep you company. Don’t worry they won’t join you inside the bath, but they will sing you a little background song.

After an amazing night sleep I opened the curtains and a beautiful breakfast was already set out! And what is a morning without a good cup of coffee! I enjoyed a delicious local Balinese coffee while I dipped in a freshly baked crunchy croissant. This is the kind of place where you find yourself in the pool looking over the side into the jungle abyss thinking ” I am never going home”.

Local Balinese coffee & freshly baked croissant and bread – Pandawas Villas, Ubud Bali

If you ever want to wake up in the Jungle, or if you are looking for the perfect place for a honey moon or a celebration then I highly recommend you to go here. Its location is perfect, you are in the middle of the jungle and all you hear are geckos, birds, frogs and crickets singing in the wind. But you are still extremely close to the busy and trendy roads of Ubud – only about a 10 min drive down the hill!

Pandawas Villas, Ubud Bali

Its beautiful, peaceful and get ready to be mentally and physically detoxed. Become part of nature again and leave your busy lives behind just for a moment.


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What to know before visiting Tegenungan Waterfall in Ubud, Bali


Tegenungan Waterfall is a beautiful place hidden in-between the palm trees in Bali. It has a magical vibe and a peaceful atmosphere. At least, this is the truth when you visit early in the morning. This the kind of place where you definitely want to beat the crowd in order to experience it to the fullest!



Its a lovely spot to go for a swim on a warm day. But during rain season the water will turn more brown and dirty, a little less nice to dive in!

The waterfall lays 10 km from Ubud and is currently a very popular tourist attraction. When visiting you will need to pay an entrance fee, which is currently at 15k Idr (0.85 Gbp). Once you walk down towards the waterfall you will find a beautiful scene. I absolutely loved it and it really is an amazing spot. However, personally I felt that it was slightly overcrowded.

If you do want to take the perfect picture without any tourists jumping in the background, then you will have to walk up next to the waterfall and pay an additional fee (10k Idr/0.56 Gbp) in order to enter a spot where you will find yourself standing alone. Here you can take your picture with the waterfall perfectly flowing in the background!




However, if you dont want to pay another fee just to get onto another spot or if you dont like popular tourist attractions then you will need to get there as early as possible! The waterfall officially opens at 7am until 6pm. But I recommend you to be there between 6 and 8am. This way there won’t be a crowd and you can truly experience its beauty all by yourself! Enjoy! X


What you should know before visiting The Sacred Monkey Forest in Ubud, Bali

Bali is full of beautiful spots. Secret beaches, breathtaking rice fields and waterfalls hidden within the jungle. However, there are a few MUST do’s when you do find yourself in Bali. And one of them is to cuddle with a monkey. And then I mean, not in a zoo, not behind a cage, but monkeys that are free to stand and hang wherever they want. In a special forest in Ubud you will find them searching for their beloved bananas jumping from tree to tree but also from person to person.

When walking around in Ubud you notice monkeys jumping from roof to roof, hanging in trees eating stolen fruit. However, there is one place where you can really interact with them. In the Sacred Monkey Forest you can witness them from close, in fact so close to the point where they will be chilling on your shoulder. Its definitely an amazing experience that you will never forget.

Sacred Monkey Forest – Ubud, Bali
Sacred Monkey Forest – Ubud, Bali

Before walking through the monkey gates there are a few things you should know in order to not have any problems with the monkeys and make it out safely.

Now you know a few rules of the forest you are free to go wonder in this beautiful green jungle! The forest is rather big and we spend about an hour walking around viewing all the beautiful spots. The views are amazing and the tropical smell and sounds that surround you are indescribable, its another world.

Sacred Monkey Forest – Ubud, Bali

I highly recommend you to visit this little piece of monkey paradise.

The address is: Jl. Monkey Forest, Ubud, Kabupaten Gianyar, Bali 80571, Indonesia

You can visit the forest everyday between 8.30am and 6pm. 

An adult entrance ticket costs 50k Idr (2.80 Gpb) , and children from the age of 3-12 go in for 40k Idr pp (2.30 Gbp).