The Best Neapolitan Pizza in Como


I’m totally in love with Italy so it’s no wonder I found myself an Italian boyfriend! I always had a strong connection with the country of passion, love and food. But of course since I actually fell in love with a guy there my connection just became stronger and I now like to visit as often as I can!

I have been spending lots of time in Como and I thought that it wouldn’t be a bad idea to find out where you can have the best vegan pizza in town! Lots of pizza’s and glasses of wine later and I have finally found the perfect spot!





Often the less prettier and old fashion restaurants is where you can eat the best food. One of those places just like that is Pizzeria Da Benito. This pizzeria is hidden away in a small street 5 minutes walking from the centre. When the sun is shining you can sit outside and enjoy a cold glass of wine while you wait for the ultimate pizza.


What I love


Pizzeria Da Benito makes the best pizza marinara, an ultimate classic.  This pizza has a crispy crust, as you take a bite you can hear the crust break and white flower dust remains on your fingers. The tomato sauce is so rich, you can taste the freshness of each ingredient. And even though there is lots of sauce the bread remains crispy. It has the perfect balance of textures and flavours. You can truly taste the classic Italian flavours that will remind any Italian of their grandmothers food. It’s honest, and purely delicious.

What’s also amazing is the fact that they offer a choice of pizza dough. Instead of normal white dough you can also have a wholegrain, multigrain or kamut base. Making your pizza extra healthy! Healthy, fresh and absolutely delicious! Doesn’t this just sound like a dream?!




Where to go


Pizzeria Da Benito is open everyday from 12–3PM, 6:30PM–12AM and their address is Via Briantea 29 in Como.


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5x Vegan Hotspots in Como, Italy


When you think of Italy you think of passion, pasta, the movie Eat Pray Love, espresso’s and of course gelato, lots and lots of gelato. You might think that it’s hard being vegan in Italy. But let me tell you, although I might get an occasional look from an old italian lady when I ask for soya milk in my coffee, it’s actually not hard at all. I fell in love with Como a long time ago and have discovered lots of amazing places over time where you can enjoy some amazing vegan food. These are a few of the hot spots that you have to check out when you next visit this beautiful town.


Ice cream

Let’s start with my obsession first, ice cream! My favorite spot for ice cream is hidden in one of the tiny streets on the lake called ‘Vanilla Bio’.

Vanilla Biois a small shop in which they only sell organic and vegan ice cream. All flavours are freshly homemade and absolutely delicious. It fulfills all your Italian gelato dreams and you won’t even feel guilty afterwards! Imagine a crispy cone with their best flavours, Coconut and Chocolate. So creamy, so flavourful and as they are based with coconut milk they don’t taste like a sorbet but actually like full creamy ice cream.



There are many great spots to find a delicious pizza in Como, after all its Italy. However, it’s usually at the less beautiful places that you can find the best authentic food. One of those places which also happens to be my favorite spot is called ‘Pizzeria Da Benito.

Pizzeria Da Benito has the best vegan Neapolitan pizza. I always order the Marinara which is an ultimate classic. The pizza has a crispy crust, as you take a bite you can hear the crust break and white flower dust remains on your fingers. The tomato sauce is so rich, you can taste the freshness of each ingredient. And even though there is lots of sauce the bread remains crispy. It has the perfect balance of textures and flavours. For me this is THE spot for the ultimate pizza.





Como is beautiful and within it’s cosy streets you will find lots of amazing cafes. However, these are a few of my favourites. ‘Posta is a cafe which belongs to the hotel ‘Pasta Design Hotel‘ which is located in one of the main squares. It has a lovely terrace where you will overlook the square so you can sit down, enjoy the most amazing coffee and do some people watching.

My second favourite spot is called ‘Loft. If you want to enjoy a coffee with a view then this is THE place to go to. It has the most beautiful view overlooking the houses with the mountains in the background on one side and with a view over the church on the other. You can hear the church bells in the background as you sit in the sun enjoying the Italian lifestyle.
If you are looking for a very Italian type of cafe then you have to visit ‘Pane e Tulipani’. This cafe sells the most amazing espresso as well as beautiful flowers – it’s both a cafe and flower shop. It’s hidden in one of the small streets where you can sit outside on the terrace and watch people go by as you enjoy your espresso in the sun.




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The taste of home – Vegan pizza and spaghetti at La Baracca



When I was living in Bali of course I loved living in a tropical paradise with my feet in the sand. However, I did have a few moments where I missed home as well as those moments of cuddling up on the couch with a comforting plate of pasta and a movie. It was on those moments where I decided to go to La Baracca and treat myself with some delicious comfort food and a glass of wine! And I immediately felt at home again.

When walking into La Baracca you see a sign hanging above the door saying ‘Home away from home’. And that is exactly what this is – a homely restaurant with delicious comfort food with an amazing atmosphere and warming people.




At La Baracca they serve the most amazing home-made classic Italian meals like pasta Pomodoro and home-made ravioli. However, other than classics they also serve Italian meals with a twist. Not all Italians might be impressed with classics being twisted with, however, even a classic Italian is guaranteed to clean their plate! Also, a special message to all fellow vegans because this menu is extremely vegan friendly! There is a large selection of meals that already are or can be made vegan. Just like one of my favourites, vegan pizza! Yep, excitement is an understatement!





What I love

I am in love with everything on the menu. Every single meal is vibrant and a combination of delicious flavours. Two of my absolute favourite pasta’s are the home-made ‘Pasta Pomodoro’ and ‘Pasta all olio e gingero‘. You can taste that the ‘Pasta Pomodoro’ is made fresh as the pasta sticks together and has an amazing flavour of itself. The tomato sauce is a bomb of flavour as its a thick, chunky and raw. Fresh basil is sprinkled on top and you’ve got yourself a plate made in heaven.

‘Pasta all olio e gingero’ might sound a bit strange at first as ginger in pasta seems a bit unusual. But actually its a recipe that has been cooked in Italy for quite some time. It’s just that not all of us have tasted this amazing pasta yet! It’s so simple but yet so delicious. I find that lots of simple Italian recipes are often the best. When cooking a classic simple Italian pasta such as pasta Pomodoro which includes just a few ingredients (tomatoes, olive oil, garlic, carrot, celery and basil) you will have to use the best quality ingredients to make the pasta good, and oh my if the ingredients are fresh then you are in for a treat!





Fancy more of a pizza? Then try the vegan pizza with home-made vegan cheese, tomatoes and fresh basil. Its definitely the best vegan pizza I tried in Canggu. The base is crunchy and thin, the tomatoes fresh and flavoursome and even the vegan cheese surprised me! It really does replicate dairy cheese and has a really tasty flavour to it. When drizzled with some olive oil and sprinkled with fresh basil it doesn’t only look pretty it also tasted amazing.





When you finish your dinner and you think that you can’t get any more satisfied  – then its time for their complimentary home-made limoncello to help you digest all the delicious food you just ate. It might burn a little but oh my does it taste amazing!

La Baracca is one of my favourite restaurants in Canggu and I’m sure you’ll fall in love with its atmosphere, delicious food and the loving people, just like I did!

Buon appetito❤️


Where to go

La Baracca is open everyday from 11.00am – 23.30pm and the address is Jl Tanah barak in Canggu, Bali.


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Live music and vegan pizza at Milk & Madu


For an evening full of delicious food, great vibes and live music you have to go to Milk & Madu! Not only do they have an interesting menu full of deliciousness, their restaurant is  just overall a great place to hang out – in the day and in the evening. Everyday from 6pm on there will be live music and its always buzzing with people creating an amazing atmosphere.

With a play hut in the garden children can be entertained while you are lounging in a comfortable couch. Sit down and relax with a margarita in one hand and a pizza margarita waiting for you in the oven! Which at the moment they have on offer every single day between 4-6pm, only 50k Idr (2.70 pounds) for a pizza margarita or a margarita cocktail! I mean, talking about how to brighten up your Tuesday!



I absolute love the pizza they make here. They use a lava stone pizza oven and their pizza’s are definitely something special. However, unless you order a pizza Marinara the pizza they have on the menu is definitely not the traditional pizza you would get in Italy. The vegan pizza’s are full of flavour and texture due to its large variety of toppings. Which create a plate full of deliciousness.


‘Pumpkin pie’ pizza – Milk & Madu


My favourite pizza’s are ‘Greenpeace’ (139k Idr, 7.60 pounds) and ‘Pumpkin pie’ (119k Idr, 6 pounds). On the menu these pizza’s are not vegan but simply ask and it will be made for you just how you like it!

The ‘Greenpeace’ pizza is topped with fresh tomato sauce, spinach, kale, olives, roasted red onion and garlic. The roasted red onion has a delicious caramelised flavour and the black olives have a strong taste and perfect texture. The garlic flavour combines itself with the spinach making all the flavours stand out but are complimenting each other at the same time.

The ‘Pumpkin pie’ pizza is topped with fresh tomato sauce, roasted pumpkin, roasted red onion and fresh rocket. The roasted pumpkin is deliciously soft and adding real texture to the crunchy pizza. The pizza base is thin and soft from the inside but extremely crunchy from the outside. Personally I prefer Napolitano pizza’s, which are thin and crispy – just like this one!


‘Greenpeace’ pizza (left) & ‘Pumpkin pie’ pizza (right) – Milk & Madu


Next to pizza’s they also serve all kind of delicious other meals such as salads, pasta’s, sandwiches, sharing plates and smoothie bowls. Enjoy a delicious smoothie bowl for breakfast, a fresh salad for lunch and a crunchy pizza for dinner!



Milk & Madu has a little fun everyday in which you can join in! At the moment they have the following promotions, which you should definitely give a try!

Daily 4-6pm – Margarita Margarita Special! 

50k Idr Margaritas and Margarita pizza’s.

Every Tuesday – Cheap Tuesday!

From 5pm until closing pizza’s will be 2 for the price of 1.

Every Sunday – All you can eat pizza

All you can eat pizza for only 150k Idr (8.20 pounds).

I mean, the perfect Sunday funday right?!



Milk & Madu is open everyday from 7am – 10pm. 

You can find them on Jl. Pantai Berawa No.52, Canggu, Bali. 



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Why we should all drink Matcha and never miss a sunset in Bali

Don’t we just all love waking up on Sunday mornings. Whether its a rainy day and you cuddle up a little more into your warm and comfortable bed sheets, or when the sun is shining and you take a big stretch while enjoying the view out of your window.

Today I started my Sunday with a nice stretch and a delicious breakfast overlooking the beautiful rice fields of Bali at one of my favourite cafes named Matcha Cafe. I love to go here in the morning and get one of their amazing matcha lattes. I find it to be the best energy source on an early morning and it actually gives you more energy than coffee does. (Don’t get me wrong, I am still a coffee addict. But I am a matcha addict too!)

Matcha is filled with antioxidants, in-fact it has seven times that of dark chocolate and sixty times that of spinach! It is also known to be an anti-ager, lowers LDL ‘bad’ cholesterol, supports weight loss, it detoxifies and its very high in fiber which stabilises blood sugar levels. It also consists of amino acid L-theanine, which combined with the naturel caffeine found in the powder creates a slow release of energy over the next 3-6 hours after consuming – unlike coffee which releases energy in more of kick form leaving you feel energised for about 1-1.30 hours.

So on days like today I love giving my body some good energy before hitting the gym!

To built up my energy I enjoyed a ‘Acai Boost Matcha Smoothie Bowl’ with on the side a Matcha Latte with almond milk. Giving me a satisfied feeling full of healthy nutrients that are slowly releasing energy making me ready for another kick-ass day!

Matcha latte with almond milk – Matcha Cafe, Canggu Bali
Acai Boost Smoothie Bowl- Matcha Cafe, Canggu Bali


When you will visit Bali you will see and experience many beautiful things. But there is one thing you will always have to remember. Never miss a sunset. Every sunset in Bali is more beautiful, colourful and breathtaking than the other. Enjoy an evening surf or just sit on the sand waiting for the sky to turn even more pink and for the sun to drown into the sea. I will never get used to its beauty.


From the beach we made our way to get a well deserved vegan pizza! But make sure not to get too distracted by the smell of fresh pizza as you might have to stop for a family of cows to cross over the road! Isn’t this what makes life in Bali so beautiful? People don’t stop and shout for the cows to move, people actually stop and let them take their time to move across the road safely. Its what makes life so much more peaceful and respectful. This is one of many reasons why I love Bali. No stress, no worries but respect and happiness.


After all its Sunday-funday right? So whats a better way to end the day with a delicious vegan pizza Marinara and to finish of with one of my favourite vegan ice-creams in Canggu! At Old Man’s you find THE most delicious sorbet ice-cream, which include surprising and vibrant flavours! My favourites? Coconut Pandan and Mango – which is by the way the most amazing combination! Definitely a must try for when you book your own ticket to Bali!

Gelato Secrets – Old Man’s, Canggu Bali


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