What to know before visiting Tegenungan Waterfall in Ubud, Bali


Tegenungan Waterfall is a beautiful place hidden in-between the palm trees in Bali. It has a magical vibe and a peaceful atmosphere. At least, this is the truth when you visit early in the morning. This the kind of place where you definitely want to beat the crowd in order to experience it to the fullest!



Its a lovely spot to go for a swim on a warm day. But during rain season the water will turn more brown and dirty, a little less nice to dive in!

The waterfall lays 10 km from Ubud and is currently a very popular tourist attraction. When visiting you will need to pay an entrance fee, which is currently at 15k Idr (0.85 Gbp). Once you walk down towards the waterfall you will find a beautiful scene. I absolutely loved it and it really is an amazing spot. However, personally I felt that it was slightly overcrowded.

If you do want to take the perfect picture without any tourists jumping in the background, then you will have to walk up next to the waterfall and pay an additional fee (10k Idr/0.56 Gbp) in order to enter a spot where you will find yourself standing alone. Here you can take your picture with the waterfall perfectly flowing in the background!




However, if you dont want to pay another fee just to get onto another spot or if you dont like popular tourist attractions then you will need to get there as early as possible! The waterfall officially opens at 7am until 6pm. But I recommend you to be there between 6 and 8am. This way there won’t be a crowd and you can truly experience its beauty all by yourself! Enjoy! X



Como’s Jungle

Lake Como (Italy) is beautiful. It has its tiny streets full of cute cafes and restaurants. The bright colours and the warm yellow buildings create a cosy atmosphere that effects your inner happiness. Nevertheless, there is a place not far from the centre where you will feel like you have just entered another world. We decided to go and explore that other world.


You drive up as you squeeze the car through some narrow roads. As you leave the car behind you will have to continue the rest by foot. The moment you set one step on the ground and start following the river you will notice how quiet it is. The crickets and the birds singing are the sounds overpowering the quietness. As you try to keep your balance climbing up the rocks you will hear the sound of water clattering down in the background. As I was looking down trying to place my foot on the right rock without slipping I noticed the dogs footprints that were guiding me the way. The air is warm, the water is cold. As I walked up the river I notice that I wasn’t the only one that was feeling hot. The dog was already laying spread out into the water, with the biggest satisfaction on his face, he wasn’t moving anytime soon.


Just a little further.. and you will make it to the most beautiful waterfall. Welcome to the jungle! The water clear and blue. The only sounds you hear is the water flowing down the rocks. The coldness of the water makes the air fresh, creating the perfect temperature. The vibrant green plants create a beautiful shelter. The only companion you have are the occasional salamanders coming to say hi. I had to hold my breath for a second. It literally is breathtaking. Another world. So close, but yet you feel so far.


Its amazing. The sounds, the feeling it creates inside you. So peaceful. It makes you appreciate how beautiful the world really is. Its just the matter of finding those spots, they are anywhere. You just have to learn how to find them. – I am very lucky to have such a curious and adventures mind, which enables me to find such places. And once you have witnessed such beauty you will never stop looking. Its what makes me happy. The strive for experiencing and witnessing the beautiful things, even the smallest gestures such as playing cards with loved ones in the most beautiful spot somewhere in the jungle.


The most beautiful secret bathing spot in Switzerland

As I throw my bikini wrapped in a towel in the back of the seat I notice that the car is glowing from the heat. Its another hot day in this beautiful place. And what is a better way to start a hot day with a cold swim! I know the PERFECT place to go! – But shhh I don’t tell everyone! It’s the most amazing place to go for many reasons, and one of them is that not many people know about this beautiful spot! So it is never crowded! You only have locals and the occasional dare devils that do a flip of the waterfall into a narrow creek at the bottom. – Honestly, it gives you the biggest adrenaline rush jumping off into the beautiful blue water, giving you a shock from the cold as you touch the water.

Parko delle gole della Breggia

If you don’t feel like risking your life you can go swimming with the tiny fish that you will notice gathering around you as you walk into the water. You notice you are surrounded by the most vibrant trees and flowers. The only sound you hear are the countless crickets singing to the sun, and the water clattering down. It is the perfect place to meditate. Its the perfect place to get your mind straight and to be happy. Its another world. You feel part of nature. Of a piece of nature that feels like the middle of the jungle.

Parko delle gole della Breggia
Parko delle gole della Breggia

The cold will definitely cool you down and as you climb back onto the rocks you can feel the sun kissing your skin. Your skin may be cold but the heat keeps you warm, creating the perfect balance. I definitely recommend visiting this beautiful place when you find yourself in Switzerland on a hot day. Its called Parko delle gole della Breggia. It might be a bit hard to find and you will have to hike up the river to get to this beautiful spot. But trust me, its definitely worth it!! Nothing will cool you down and make you feel as happy and peaceful as this place. But shhhh, remember, its our little secret!!

Parko delle gole della Breggia

Iceland, and its secret spots

As soon as we woke up we jumped in front of the car and full of excitement drove to a waterfall named Gljúfrabúi. As the waterfall is hidden inside a small canyon, not many people know about it, so it is definitely a nice spot to visit!

In order to get yourself in the perfect spot you have to duck under a big rock and walk into what looks like a small cave, there you can get right underneath the waterfall! Once you’ve made it inside the view is absolutely breathtaking! This is definitely not your everyday waterfall sightseeing!! – Also make sure you are ready to get wet!!

You can also climb your way on top of the rocks! It is a little climb and you have to be careful at points but it really is fun and you get an amazing view once you get to the top!


Not very far away from this beautiful spot you can find the black beach. The beach is rather long and on one particular spot you will find an abandoned plane wreck laying on the middle of the beach! Now this is something extremely special to see! The United States Navy DC plane crashed in 1971 as it ran out of fuel. – Don’t worry everyone survived!! The remains of the plane are still in the exact spot as when the plane crashed which gives an amazing impact. – Amazing spot for the fellow photographers under us!!

As the beach is rather big and the plane is close to the water it is quite a walk from where you park your car! – However, when you have a 4×4 you can drive all the way to the plane! – But the walk is definitely worth it!! Trust me!!!


Sólheimasandur Plane Wreck
Sólheimasandur Plane Wreck

Where to take a bath in a secret hot spring

I slowly open my eyes, the sun is peaking through the curtains. It was hard to wake up, feeling uncoordinated. You see, the nights don’t get fully dark in May. So it could be 9 o clock in the morning, but also 3, which really messes with your head in the beginning! What is going to wake me up? A coffee? Sure. But what I really need is a shower or a bath, and whats a better way to take a bath than taking one in nature!

Landbrotalaug is a tiny hidden hot spring in Snæfellsnes peninsula. You must hike to find it and really keep an eye out as you might overlook it! The temperature of the pool is around 40°C, which makes it perfect for bathing. It can also perfectly fit 2 people, which makes it extremely romantic! I mean what a better place to take your date as to a natural private bath for two with the most insane view! – 100% the girl will fall for you!! (Just make sure to find the spot before and not get lost, that would probably decrease that 100% success rate..)

As it is a hard place to find here are the GPS coordinates: N64°49.933 W22°19.110. – Now go find yourself a girl and go!


Landbrotalaug hot spring


After our morning bath we decided to drive further to the west of the island. We stopped at a waterfall named Kirkjufellsfoss. This is a very popular destination but also extremely beautiful. A tip that I do need to give you is to visit this place either very early in the morning or later at night. It gets rather crowded due to its beauty. So you need to take the time to see this, and it would be a shame having to many tourists around you. – Especially for the picture!

For the extreme sport lovers you can also hike up the Kirkjufell mountain. However, I do advise the more advanced hikers to take on this challenge as it can be very dangerous.


We then got back on the road and out of nowhere we decided to stop at a parking next to the road. Extremely long stairs were climbing up a mountain, which we decided to follow. And we definitely do not regret that we did! When arriving at the top we discovered that we had been climbing a volcano, which overlooked another erupted volcano. The sun was going down, nowhere a car or people to be seen or heard. I don’t think you can experience these kind of moments anywhere in the world. Iceland you have a special place in my heart!


(Best)Birthday (ever) in Iceland

So, I think I started my birthday pretty much perfect. I woke up as the sun was peaking through the curtains. I looked on my phone, 6.30 AM, I must of been more excited for my birthday than I thought. The sound of water clattering down outside my window, I moved the curtain slightly letting the light sneak in. There it was, I believe the nicest view I have ever woken up to. Two meters away was the waterfall Skogafoss. I opened the door and stared at the waterfall for long enough not to realise that my boyfriend was lightning the candles on my birthday cake. I mean, what more do you want on your birthday than waking up and having chocolate cake for breakfast while staring at a breathtaking waterfall!

“Best boyfriend ever.”

When you visit Skogafoss I definitely advice you to walk up the stairs located next to it to then get to the top. Not only do you get the most amazing view from there but if you go through the gate you will find to your right at the top of the stairs you can follow the river and you’ll be surprised by how beautiful it is!


But hey, it’s my birthday! Let’s not stop with our adventures here! We decided to go for a morning swim in one of the oldest swimming pools in Iceland! When parking the car you have to hike towards the bottom of the valley. After about 20 min of walking you will find the pool peaking around the corner. The temperature is around 36 degrees which is perfect for a nice swim with the most amazing view! As it is quite a popular spot I advice you to go either early in the morning or late in the evening – around summer time of course as it doesn’t get dark! (Crazy right?!)


After our swim we decided to get back on the road and continue driving for a bit. Now the bizarre thing is that you can go from the most amazing waterfalls in the middle of the mountains to a black sand beach in no time! With almost nobody on the beach we put our feet in the sand and enjoyed the sun for a bit.


The day only gets better when we continue our drive and move towards the east of the island. Being hypnotised by the incredible landscapes we almost drove past one of the most amazing views I have ever seen. There is a small parking next to road 1 where you will have to park and walk towards the water. Trust me, you don’t want to miss this stop. It is mind blowing, I have never seen anything like it!

Jökulsárlón (Glacier Lagoon)
Jökulsárlón (Glacier Lagoon)
Jökulsárlón (Glacier Lagoon)

Next stop: Fjaðrárgljúfur. This is a canyon in the south east which is an absolute must to go and see!! The canyon is 100m deep and 2 km long, which makes you feel really, but really small. Go on, try and walk next to the edge, guaranteed you’ll feel your knees getting weak!


After spending the afternoon at the most amazing place we decided to get back on the road and continue following road 1. As we continued driving the beautiful landscapes started to fade a little as if a slight fog was creeping over the ground. This slight fog became more dense by the minute and it was not long until we found ourselves in the middle of a great big cloud not being able to see further than 1 meter. Now I have to say it was not the most comfortable ride as you ride upon a steep mountain and can’t see where or when the turn or edge is going to appear. – But, trust me, it was worth all the anxious and sweat attacks.

As we drove higher and higher we finally got to a point that was totally unexpected, we got to the top. We were now driving on top of the cloud and saw the sun going down behind the hills. This was the most scary but beautiful ride of my life. I can happy say, this was the best birthday ever.