The Creamiest, Raw, Organic & Vegan Chocolate Bars – Ombar Chocolate


As soon as you take a bite and you hear the iconic sound of chocolate breaking into two pieces you can already start to taste the first hint of pure dark cacao.

Being an absolute chocaholic I have tried many, but many different vegan chocolates. But when I tried this small bar I had no idea that it could have so much in store. Ombar’s chocolate bars are made of 100% plant based as well as natural ingredients. I find that lots of vegan chocolate is either too sweet, has an oily after taste or it might taste way too healthy and bitter for some people or children. Whilst I noticed straight away that Ombar’s chocolate has a very honest, dark and pure chocolatey flavour. Not too sugary, not too bitter, natural and no nasties – just real raw chocolate bars that taste amazing! 

The pure cacao flavours are rich and the texture is firm and crunchy. I’m writing this as I sit next to the fire and I just broke another square of chocolate, I can honestly say that this is the best plant-based chocolate I have tasted so far. And as I am enjoying it, so will the little ones. I love how this chocolate is raw, plant-based, Fair Trade, natural and organic but it still tastes great and honestly the little ones will love it too!

I do a lot of baking and I’m sure that everyone is tempted to get their apron on a little more often whilst the days are getting colder and darker. Apart from enjoying a square with my coffee I also find that this chocolate is great to cook with. Put a few squares on your hot porridge as it melts into the oats, shave some chocolate on top of your hot coco with whipped cream or melt it and mix into cakes and brownies.

I highly recommend you to try all the different chocolate bars from Ombar and let yourself indulge in some chocolate delight! Whats a better way to enjoy the cold winter days with a hot coco and a piece of chocolate in your hand whilst cuddling up in your big jumper. Sounds like pure perfection to me!


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All images shot with my beautiful Leica Q


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Why Geneva is the perfect place to spend Christmas.

Its that crunching sound you hear while walking through dry snow. The cold air that creeps up your nose and stings a little. The smell of trees, mountains and wood that flows through the air. Its those exact things that I love from the winter. Walking through the cold streets,  people holding a hot cup of coffee to keep their hands warm. The big jumpers and big scarfs that cover your face but always tend to slowly move down and leave your nose to freeze. When you open the door and make your way inside you can smell the scent of hot chocolate as you warm your hands next to the fireplace. Its those moments that leave me feeling in pure happiness.




We made our way from the white beach to the white mountains a few days ago. A special occasion left us on a plane straight from Bali to Italy! There we started our road trip with as our next destination Geneva!




Through the snowy hills, the green woods and over icy water we made our way. When arriving in Geneva you will notice the amazing atmosphere. The Christmas feeling takes over as coloured lights light up the streets. On every corner you will find the cosiest cafes full with people warming up their cold hands with a hot coffee and a slice of cake that Geneva is so famous for. I believe it is the perfect location to spend your Christmas holiday with your family, your friends or your loved one. You walk through the beautiful streets as you look over the lake with the snowy mountains in the background, the view is incredible. White swans take over the lake and create the most beautiful image. Its a fairytale city that creates the perfect Christmas atmosphere.




If you are looking for a place with delicious food and a great atmosphere then I definitely recommend you to visit Chez Philippe.

Its a beautiful restaurant with the most amazing service as well as the most delicious food. Its perfect for a great lunch, dinner or a special occasion!

I ordered the roasted rainbow beets salad with ginger which was absolutely delicious. Beautiful colours took over the plate creating a little piece of art. Fresh flavours where combined with the zingy flavour of ginger. Creating an explosion of flavour in every spoonful.

For a wintery soup that will warm you up you have to order the squash soup with pumpkin seeds. Its very creamy and full of flavour. A perfect cosy and warming meal for those cold days!


The roasted rainbow beets salad with ginger – Chez Philippe, Geneve, Switzerland.



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All images shot with my beautiful Leica Q  – who never leaves my side!


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